Mighty Mule FM231 (R4450) 400' Wireless Driveway Alarm


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    Want to monitor when vehicles are entering your property? The Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm provides Reliable Vehicle Detection at an affordable price. The in-ground electromagnetic sensor detects vehicles entering and exiting your driveway, and alerts you with an indoor chime. The outdoor sensor communicates wirelessly up to 400 ft. to an internal base station. Sensitivity adjustment ensures accuracy and reduces false alarms. Easy to install, requires 2 AA batteries.

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  • Due to the outdoor electromagnetic sensor, only vehicles are detected, and it will not sound false alarms due to animals or people
  • The Mighty Mule sensor will detect metal objects, like vehicles, moving within a 3 to 12 ft. radius of the wand
  • The indoor base station will chime when a vehicle passes by the sensors, notifying you of the vehicle presence immediately
  • Ideal for homes and businesses
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