Estate Swing DIN Rail Mounted Digital Timer


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   Product Details
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Mounting option include: inside dwelling, in a gate opener control box or outdoor rated electrical box. Do not mount where it will be exposed to weather – unit is not Weatherproof. Standard Mounting - To mount use a section of din rail included in most Estate Swing enclosures either inside the control box or other protected enclosures (din rail is available at most home stores). Alternate Mounting - Use Velcro (available at most home stores) on the top and bottom of the backside of the timer; mount to the inside of the control box.

   Wiring Top of Page

Power: Using 12 or 24VDC apply power to terminals 1 and 2 on the timer. There is no polarity (positive and negative do not have a specified side). Draw when active: 20 Milliamps Draw when inactive: less than 10 milliamps *Power can be drawn from many gate opener accessory outputs or gate opener batteries.

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To set the time: Time is in military time, hours 0 to 24. Press and hold the "Clock" button. While holding the clock button press "D+" to change the day to current day, (H+) to change to current hour, (M+) to change to current minute. Release the "Clock" button when finished.