Estate Swing E-S Allegiant Single Swing Heavy Duty Low Voltage Gate Opener w/ Free Extra Remote - Plug-in

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  •    Gate Opener At a Glance Top of Page

    The Estate Swing heavy duty low voltage gate opener, E-S Allegiant, is a versatile gate opening system for residential and light commercial usage. Featuring a top of class planetary gear system, the power of the 12V motor is used extremely efficiently and will translate into many years of reliable service. The E-S Allegiant has a sleek body that is attractive for even the most ornate of entry gates. These features combined are typically only found in commercial, professionally installed systems, but are now available through Estate Swing in an attractively priced Do-It-Yourself installed gate opener.

    • Gate Materials: Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Chain Link, and others.
    • Weight and length: Up to 16' in length or 650 lbs
    • Max degree of opening: 110 degrees
    • Gate Post or Column size (pull to open): Max 4" x 4" post or gate mounted 2" from the rear face of a column.
    • Push to Open: Yes, no additional bracket needed - setback above does not apply to push to open.
    • Solar Compatible: Yes (solar panel purchased separately)
    • Power: Group Size 24 Battery (Not Included) (Deep cycle, max size 11.5"Wx7"Dx10"H ) and Low Voltage Trickle Charger (Included)
    • Power Wire Specification: 16 gauge wire (purchased separately). Length is determined by distance between transformer/solar panel and the group size 24 battery.
    • Operating Temperature: -5 F (-21C)to+160 F (71C)
    • Warranty:1-year electrical/ 5-year component limited warranty. (Click Here for Warranty Pros and Cons) offers more expert assistance than anyone. If you need help deciding if this gate opener has the abilities that are right for your gate we have live application specialists available 9am - 9 pm EST 7 days a week or try our exclusive gate opener recommendation tool 24 hours/day.

       DIY Installation Top of Page

    <span data-src='/glossary_detail.aspx?id=10851' class='hovertxt'>DIY</span> Install

    Estate Swing Gate Openers are made for the DIY gate opener customers. With easy bolt on brackets and simple setback templates, Estate Swing has made it easy for any homeowner to install their gate opener and automate their gate. Estate Swing gate openers can be installed with simple household tools and do not require any special expertise or building code approval*. Gate Crafters has been aiding customers for over a decade in providing technical and installation support 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, EST and is the premiere source for Estate Swing opener and accessories because of this experience.

    When you DIY install your gate opener system, you will save $1000s of dollars over the life of your gate opener. You will have working knowledge of your gate opener installation and how the gate opener works. This will make it easier for you to troubleshoot your system and perform routine maintenance, if needed in the future.

    *Disclaimer: We are currently unaware of any required building code inspections required for any installation of an Estate Swing gate opener(s). Moreover, we cannot guarantee all counties would not require approval. offers more expert assistance than anyone. If you need help troubleshooting or installation support with your gate opener, we have live technical support specialists available 9am - 9 pm EST 7 days a week or try our exclusive gate opener recommendation tool 24 hours/day.

       Gate Opener Description Top of Page

    Gate Opener - Estate Swing E-S Allegiant Heavy Duty Low Voltage Gate Opener

    The E-S Allegiant is what the home improvement industry terms a "DIY" product. This means Do- It-Yourself. And being such, this gate opener has been designed to be very user friendly for the first time, and only time, gate opener installer; AKA homeowner. Some features that make this an ideal home improvement project: no dangerous high voltage work, no industrial equipment needed, and easy to follow steps. For example, the designation of the stopping points: The gate opener is shipped already set on the open limit switch and the instructions proceed to have you mount it in this position - limit position one - Done! For the closed limit simply press and hold a button to enter a learning mode and then use the extend and retract buttons to jog the gate opener into the closed position. You can move the gate back and forth with the two buttons during this process until you have it exactly where you like it and then press another button to save. Second position - Done! It is just that easy and DIY.

    The brackets that come with the unit are universal in nature. Unlike many other gate openers that come with brackets intended to work with a few gate configurations the E-S Allegiant gate opener is supplied with a bracket with to preconceived notion of your gate at all. Use the templates, find your correct setback and cut/drill the bracket. It can literally fit almost all situations. Plus the brackets can be used for pull to open installation OR push to open installation. This is rare and usually what other brands use as an opportunity to up sell an expensive push to open bracket.

    One of the technologies featured in the E-S Allegiant gate opener that increases its reliability is the planetary gear system. Planetary gears take the 12V motor and amplify its efficiency resulting in lighter load on the motor and less wear. This is one of the reasons this system is backed by a 5 year mechanical / 1 year electrical warranty. The way planetary gears work is the motor turns a gear that is in the center of the planetary gear box. This gear has gears that rotate around in a circle as the center gear turns. These gears orbiting the center gear turn the outside gear box and the outside gear box turns the screw drive of the operator. The orbiting of the gears around the center gear keeps even pressure on all sides dramatically reducing gear wear.

    Being the E-S Allegiant is a low voltage gate operator there are big advantages in powering the operator. First and foremost is the fact it runs off a group size 24 battery (not included). Most driveway gates are not conveniently located near a clean reliable 120VAC power supply. When the system runs off a battery like this low voltage system does, deficiencies in incoming power do not directly affect the gate opener's performance. One such example is long runs of 120VAC. Many times if 120VAC is run a long distance you may experience line loss. For low voltage systems that run directly off a transformer or high voltage systems this will directly affect the amount of voltage/amperage available to power the system. You may experience slow operation or phantom obstructions if not stress to the electronics and eventual control panel failure. The battery on the E-S Allegiant is the only power source so the gate opener will always perform consistently as long as the battery is kept charged. For the charging of the battery you have many options as well. The gate opener comes with a transformer and charge control board. If you have an outlet within 1000 feet of the operator you may use 16 gauge direct burial low voltage cable from the transformer to the charge board. No conduit needed, no trenching; just make a small groove in the ground, insert the wire, and step on the surface to reclose the surface. Please note, as with all transformers, it must be kept in a dry location. Either place it in the garage, in an electrical box or under a plug cover. Your other option for keeping the battery charged is solar. Solar panels are sold separately and they can be mounted within 200 feet of the battery and used to keep the battery charged. The E-S Allegiant gate opener charge controller that is used with the transformer also dubs as a charge controller for 20 Watt panels and above. 5 and 10 Watt panels do not need to be filtered. Lastly this low voltage gate opener system will continue to work for approximately 100 cycles and possible many more depending on the size battery at full charge. This will make the gate opener most likely to be the last convenience in your home to quit on you during a long power outage.

    The standard DIY gate opener control board that comes with the gate opener has all the standard terminals one would need for a residential installation: Push button/ key pad / intercom accessory terminal, Exit sensor accessory terminal, and photo eye safety accessory terminal. Then additionally available (purchased separately) is the commercial installations add on board. This board has terminals for a light output, mag lock, solenoid lock, safety loops and shadow loops. This gives individuals with light commercial applications the terminals needed for the accessories that these types of installations require. Having them in a separate board allows the residential DIY customers to avoid the confusion of unused terminal overload.

    One often asked and rarely addressed factor that most want to know about gate openers is the opening degree and speed of opening. There are a lot of factors involved such as size and weight of gate, battery voltage, current weather conditions, etc. However with all those averaged, the E-S Allegiant has both an impressive opening speed and degree capability. On an average gate with average conditions a 90 degree opening takes 16 seconds with an additional 6 second of slow down movement to final stop open. With this gate opener there is the ability for 90, 100 and 110 degrees of opening. is the DIY factor. further adds to most of our gate openers for easier DIY installation. We have developed exclusive components (example: easy adjustable mounting brackets), customized instructions, and offer a full spectrum of accessories to truly cover all aspects of the installation of your gate opener. In addition we have the largest staff of factory trained technicians in the US.

       Gate Opener Features Top of Page

    • Optical Rev Counter To determine the closed position during the learning procedure the E-S Allegiant uses a sophisticated optical revolution counter to memorize where the piston must travel to in order to be closed and when to begin slowing down at the end of a cycle.
    • Fixed Placement Open Limit Switch For simplicity purposes the gate opener is shipped to all customers positioned in this open position and is mounted in the same position. Thus eliminating the need to move and adjust the limit multiple times during setup.
    • Soft Stop Soft stop is a feature of most modern gate openers. Toward the end of the cycle the gate opener will slow down to the end point. Controlling the momentum and force of the gate as it comes to a stop.
    • EZ read digital display notifications The display will indicate when it is sending power to the electric lock, when it is open, when it is in auto-reclose pause countdown, when it is closing and visually counting the run time. All this info makes it easy for the Do-It-Yourselfer to understand their gate opener and look like a professional installer.

    • Obstruction sensing alarm Safety has always been the top priority for Estate Swing. The E-S Allegiant is equipped with an alarm to let you know when a problem has occurred. If the gate makes contact with an obstacle it will stop and back up for 3 second to clear the obstacle. If the gate is jammed on the obstacle making an obstruction happen 3 times in a row the system will shut down and an alarm will sound until the system is reset notifying anyone around the gate that there is a problem needing immediate attention.

    • Low Draw Solar Board The E-S Allegiant series has a low standby draw to ensure reliable solar operation (under 10mA).
    • Easily Adjustable Brackets The brackets are set up to be user customized to fit any need configuration; push to open, pull to open, mounting on back of post, mounting on side of post, etc.
    • Large Opening Arch Capabilities The E-S Allegiant has the ability to open gates up to 110 degrees, well beyond most other openers.
    • All Weather Compatible - This arm can handle the cold, heat and everything in between.
    • Highest Level of Safety The Estate Swing E-S Allegiant automatically reverses directions when it comes in contact with an obstruction. The Estate Swing E-S Allegiant also has the safest method of controlling safety devices. All safety devices are set up on a Normally Closed circuit. Some gate openers are set up on a normally open circuit. What this means is that the Estate Swing E-S Allegiant is virtually fail-safe. If a safety device does not activate for any reason the Estate Swing E-S Allegiant will not operate, keeping your loved ones and assets safe. Gate openers with safety devices set up on a Normally Open connection will operate with the disabled safety device and the consumer will not know the safety device is inactive until it is too late!
    • Quick Manual Release Every unit comes with a quick release pin for the gate side bracket. If there is a rare instance where the group size 24 battery has gone dead and the gate opener will not actuate you can simply remove the pin and swing the arm and gate to the open position. has the resources you need. How do you use your gate opener system once you get it? is the only retailer to give a real answer to this question. We have develop videos for installing many of our gate openers and products and write DIY focused manuals for most gate openers and have individual instructions for each accessory to be installed with each gate opener.

       Included with the Gate Opener Brand Top of Page
    • Control Box
    • Operator arm with power cable
    • Control box with control board
    • Gate bracket with assembly and attachment hardware
    • Post brackets with assembly hardware (attachment hardware purchased locally)
    • 433Mhz Receiver
    • 433Mhz Transmitter
    • Battery harness (battery connector ends purchased separately with group size 24 battery type)
    • Battery Lift
    • Instruction Manual, Public Warning Sign and setback cutout
       Gate Exclusive Product & DIY Additions Top of Page
  • Additional 433Mhz Transmitter
  • 360 degree accessories - we can take you through exit, entry, safety, power, and all other minute details to create a fully rounded kit.
  • Free 7 Day Installation Support
  • Largest Number of Certified Techs in America
  • Free assistance to find the right gate opener for your gate
  • Free systems design assistance to match the right accessories to fit your needs.
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Free shipping on all accessories purchased with a gate opener
  • We stock all replacement parts
  • Many brands of many types of accessories, enough to handle just about any operational situation you can imagine
  • has actual experience. We have a testing area, we have factory and internal training courses, we build driveway gates and have our own gates that are automated, we attended all industry trade shows in multiple countries and are a member of the AFA, and we pay visits to our chosen manufacturers' factories. All these factors are what have lead to us having so many exclusive additions. When you see and actually use as many products as we have you tend to have many ideas for minor changes that have major impacts. We acted on these ideas and have utilized them to help thousands of customers automate their gates.
       Tools & Supplies for Installation Top of Page

    The following tools and supplies are suggested in the manufacturer's manual for optimal installation. They are not provided by GateCrafters, however, most tools are available at local hardware stores for purchase or rental.

    • Low voltage wire depending on placement of solar panel or transformer
    • Power Drill
    • Crescent Wrench
    • Flat Head Screwdriver
    • Hacksaw
    • Philipps Head Screwdriver
    • C-Ring Pliers
    • Tape Measure
    • Level
    • Wire Strippers
    • C-Clamps
    • 3/8", 1/4", 5/16" Drill Bits

    Depending on the type of gate, power supply and contributing environmental factors additional tools or supplies may be needed. Please review the product manual associated with this gate opener model for further details.
       Words from Senior Application Engineer, Anthony Gaeto Top of Page
    Anthony Gaeto Application Engineer

    "The Estate Swing Allegiant gate opener lives up to its name. It will operate with steadfast reliability in opening and closing your gate. There are a couple of factors we look for in gate openers that this one possesses in developing our opinion on how a gate operator will perform. One is the reach and stroke of an operator. The stroke on this operator is 400 millimeters. And overall reach is 53 1/4. This is important for two reasons. The reach will determine how far out on a gate the gate opener will attach and how far back the setback will be. The further on both gives the gate opener leverage and having leverage will help to protect the motor from wear and external factors such as wind or obstruction. The longer stroke will better control the gate. The stroke is how long the piston travels retracted to extended. This piston will move the gate from closed to open in the amount of time it takes for this piston to travel its length. If the piston has a really short stroke and the gate is long what you will see happen is somewhat of a whipping action because there is less travel to control the gate.

    Another factor we love about this gate opener is the fact it has planetary gears. Planetary gears make so much sense in a linear actuator. Piston type of gate openers like this are called linear actuators because the automation is all done in a line, this piston retracts and extends, instead of bending like an elbow like other types of operators. When you have a motor that is trying to turn a screw drive, having them off set from each other to utilize a worm gear or standard gear setup creates pressure from one direction. This puts pressure on the bearings and wears on the system. When you have a planetary gear box the box is in line with both the motor and the screw drive. This provides even pressure from all sides as the motor, gears and screw drive rotate. They will all rotate on the same line.

    The learning of the closed position is the last point I wanted to touch on with this gate opener. Being that myself and our other techs help people with installations 7 days a week we really value products that allow people to truly DIY. This gate opener comes set up on the open limit switch from the factory so that step is done for you; just mount it in the open position. Then the closing is set by a jogging method. What we have seen in some other gate openers is to program the closed position you activate the gate and then try to stop it by clicking the remote where you want it to stop. If you are not on the dot you have to give it another go from the beginning of the process again; pretty frustrating. With the E-S Allegiant to program the closing button is pressed and held, while you are holding the button the gate will go closed. If you go too far press the other button and hold it and it will go open. You can jog it back and forth in this method until your closed position is exactly right and then save that position.

    For this Estate Swing gate opener, as with all other brands we sell, we back this up with our 7 day support. Support that is available for installation as well as years down the road when you may have a question or issue to solve. No other gate opener retailer offers this level of service. We have been in business for 10 years and are going strong. We look forward to having you as a customer."

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    Estate Swing Allegiant Gate Opener Installation Estate Swing Allegiant Gate Opener Installed
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    Manual: ES Allegiant Manual
    QB ID: E-S Allegiant

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