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Driveway Gates - Automatic Gates

            The high-quality driveway gates from come in a wide variety of options to meet your needs. Our aluminum line is our best selling product. We closely monitor all aspects of quality from the construction to the materials and because we are the craftsmen of these gates, we can proudly say that every one of them is made in the USA. Our airplane grade aluminum gates are far superior to all other materials for longevity, resilience, low maintenance, automation and price. We use no screws, bolts or rivets; everything is welded. And our aluminum is a higher grade and thickness than any others we have found on the market. We have many options for ordering:
Semi-Custom Gates - Try our Dynamic Gate Builder to start designing your single or dual gate and get a live price quote right on the web.
Ready To Ship Gates - These are gates that we have built but have no owner yet; browse our selection and see if one of these is right for you. They are priced to sell and can ship right away.
Gate Frames - Finding a gate frame for a 3 rail gate, chain link gate, wood slat gate or vinyl gate can be tough. We have designs ready to be built and all our designs lend themselves to easy automation.
Pre-Designed Gates - These are designs that have been popular in the past. We have saved these customer favorites for you to pick from, add ornaments and make your own.
Cedar Gates - Each cedar gate is built with real clear old growth western red cedar (no-knots) that is fitted to a welded steel frame. These classic American designs are made in the USA and are the perfect finishing touch for any high end estate.

Words from Senior Application Engineer, Anthony Gaeto

“This is what started it all for Gate Crafters, our semi-custom driveway gates. You can build your gate any style you want to and our website will allow to visually see your design. These gate come standard with three rails and you can add more depending on your design. Our website will also give you a price quote on your semi-custom designed gate.

You can add various design elements such as: rings, your name or initial, house/building number, an artistic ornament, optional finials, and various post caps. You can also have your gate finished in any color you want and we can even color match an Estate Swing gate opener as well. Your semi-custom Gate Crafters driveway gate comes complete with our heavy duty ball bearing hinges. These hinges feature a grease fitting which keeps the ball bearing moving smoothly. Another feature of these hinges is that they are easy to level

These gates are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and are welded at multiple points. We choose to make our gates out of 6061-T6 aluminum because it provides a great amount of strength and rigidity. This also makes for a lighter weight gate.

As an option we can mount your gate hinges on a post, so it speeds up your installation time.

Gate Crafters started the DIY gate business on the internet. We have experts standing by to help you out 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, eastern time. We can put together a complete kit for your home or business, which will include all the accessories you need so your gate operates the way you want it to. So please give us a call, email, or our live chat on our website so we can assist you in your gate purchase."

1/2 off a Gate Opener with a Gate Order Over $1500
Our gates are proudly manufactured in America
Single Gates Dual Gates
Cedar Gates Predesigned / Prebuilt Gates
3-Rail Gate Frames Chain Link Gate Frames
Wood or Vinyl Gate Frames Pre-Designed Gates
Estate Swing Gates

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Overview uses only the finest quality aluminum materials available to custom craft a gate for your property. You will find's driveway gates are economically priced and extremely sturdy because of uniquely engineered vertical weld design. Each base gate is jig built, controlling the quality and placement of all key structural welds while reducing the cost of production. From our base design, we can add beautiful ornamentation and a custom sculpted top to complement your taste. Driveway gates enhance your life in many ways including security, property value, style and sophistication, animal retention, and much more. Each gate comes standard with roller bearing hinges, 8 welds per picket, thick wall tubing, and a top quality painting process.

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Gate Construction
Structurally sound welding is the heart of a quality gate. has researched welding strategies under many conditions and engineered a superior eight-weld vertical system. The structural frame pickets are welded in 8 places and meet all of the American Welding Society's standards. Four horizontal welds are applied in a traditional manner and are commonly used by professional welders. These welds supply the strength needed to hold together a gate. Our four additional vertical welds, approximately 1-¼ inches in length, are applied to give a higher level of stability and strength to the gate, almost eliminating gate sag. Vertical welds are used so they are hidden from either side of the gate and are a sign of quality and care in construction, and takes every step to make your new gate the kind of gate you want to last a lifetime.

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Gate Measurements
Pickets - The structural frame pickets are ¾ inch in length and ¾ inch in width with a thickness of .090 inches; this is 30% thicker than most gates on the market.

Crossbar - Each picket is sandwiched between two structural crossbars, at bumper height and at the top. These crossbars are the pivotal point of strength that is unique to our gates. The front cross bar is 1 ½ X ¾ inch rectangular tubing with a wall thickness of .125 in. The back crossbars are a full ¼ inch in thick; this thickness allows many automation options without modification.

Frame - Frame members are all 2in. X 2in. square tubing with a wall thickness of a full .125 or 1/8in. The added thickness over our competitors' frames allows increased structural support and durability.

Post - Posts are available through and are designed to be extremely compatible to our gates. Choosing our post ensures perfect compatibility for installation without any welding. The posts come with the hinge barrels attached for sure placement. The hinge barrels themselves are adjustable to account for slight variations from the mounted post being perfectly plumb; this unique DIY installation system allows for greater flexibility while ensuring level swing even if posts are not perfectly plumb.

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Gate Automation
The Estate swing® is the recommended gate opener for use with's electric gates. The structural member is exclusively designed to be sturdier than on other gates and absorb the wear and tear a gate opener can exert on a gate. The dimensions of the structural member and the post are specifically developed with the recommended opener in mind. No modifications will be necessary when setting up our gates to work with the Estate swing®. Simply follow the directions supplied with your opener or from's website in conjunction with a made gate and your gate installation will be an easy task for any do-it-yourselfer. Other compatible openers include all GTO gate openers.

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Gate Materials
Our driveway gates are constructed from 6061-T6 rust free wrought aluminum alloy. 6061-T6 wrought aluminum is a high-grade alloy with a yield strength of about 35,000 pounds per square inch. For comparison, this is much stronger than "mild steel" which has a yield strength at about 20,000 to 30,000 pounds per square inch. 6061-T6 wrought aluminum is used for the purpose of durability and resiliency, providing a quality dent resistance and lasting beauty. ships nationwide we chose this higher grade of aluminum also to avoid any shipping damage. We take pride in the fact that our gates will stand up to the tough trials of shipping and still last a lifetime. Most aluminum gate manufacturers use 6063 aluminum, which is a weaker grade of aluminum and does not have the yield or resilience of 6061-T6. Other gate manufactures use this cheaper grade because they fail to see past the importance of the additional resiliency when driveway gates absorb the bumps of everyday life. A key test for gates is their resilience. Gates should be able to absorb pressure and than return to it's original shape. To resist snapping, 6061-T6 alloy has a high level of pliability, much like an airplane wing. When pressure is exerted on the material it yields to the pressure, and when the pressure is released it regains its original form.

Hinges - Each gate comes standard with special ball bearing hinges. Ball bearing hinges are provided to permit smooth and effortless longitudinal movement of the gate. These hinges provide a higher level of consistency over other hinges and less of a chance of becoming jammed or rusted. Additionally this design of hinge allows for higher level of adjustment insuring a perfect DIY installation. Each set is rated at 1000 pounds, far over the heaviest of's gates. The hinges also are equipped with grease fittings. Grease fittings allow for easier lubrication of hinges and assure all bearings are receiving lubrication. A grease fitting contains a ball check in the head of the fitting that prevents dirt and grit from getting to the bearings. Dirt and grit is a constant battle in an outdoor environment, the grease fittings that includes standard help to assure your hinges will work each and every time.

Posts - Posts are available through and are designed to be extremely compatible to our gates. Choosing our post insures perfect compatibility for installation without any welding necessary. The posts come with the hinge barrels attached for sure placement. The hinge barrels themselves are adjustable to account for slight variations from the mounted post being perfectly plumb this unique DIY installation system allows for greater flexibility while insuring level swing even if post are not perfectly plumb.

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Gate Customization
Design and style - All driveway gates can be customized by using any of our decoration available on will weld on ornaments at no extra charge. The spears at the top of the pickets can also be upgraded though our site and are added at no extra charge.

Many factors can lead to a decision on what shape you would like your gate to take: the shape of landscaping, surrounding fences, patterns on the house, etc. Luckily can sculpt the top of your gate with any curve that meets your tastes. We can add 1 or 2 decorative bars that follow the curve or cap your gate. Other gate companies force you to choose between cheap standard mass produced gates that all look the same or overpriced custom gates. is your alternative, giving you the price of a mass-produced gate but the individuality and quality of a custom gate.

Painting - Painting aluminum takes a level of experience and expertise many gate manufacturers overlook. The primer/paint combination used by has been tested to withstand years of outdoor punishment. uses Marhide self-etching primer by Bondo. A self-etching primer is an essential undercoat layer of paint over aluminum. Primer kills stains, retards moisture and provides a good surface for a topcoat of paint to adhere to. It is imperative that new or bare metal and aluminum is primed prior to painting. Bondo is the producer of the top bare aluminum primers on the market. All gates are then top coated with Industrial Rust-Oleum brand enamel. Enamel is paint with finely ground pigments and a high binder content so that it dries to a hard finish. Enamels are mandatory to use on an aluminum surface because of its ability to affix to a highly smooth surface. Rust-Oleum is famous for providing long lasting surface and takes their legendary quality to a higher level in their industrial coatings.

*Colors - Druveway gates are available in Rust-Oleum finishes in flat black or white, and gloss green. Custom colors can be purchased to customize the gate to your tastes.

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