24 Volt Gate Lamp With Flash PCB


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   Product Details

The 24 Volt Gate Lamp With Flash PCB is designed for use with the E-S 1600 and E-S Classic gate openers. When the gate opener is activated the gate opener will supply power to the lamp. The Gate Lamp will began to flash as long as the opener is in use.

The Gate Lamp is perfect for use in low light conditions when gate visibility is compromised. The bright flash helps the person operating the opener to see where their gate is and to significantly lower the chances of damage or injury.

The Gate Lamp attaches directly to the gate post. The light operates at 24 Volt Flash PCB capacity. The lamp is made of sturdy translucent orange and matte black housing that it is weather resistant.

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  • Includes Flash PCB
  • Weather resistant
  • Power: 24 V
  • Compatible with E-S 1600 and E-S Classic
  • Dimensions: 4" x 3" W x 6" H