Nice Apollo Safety Photocells


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The Nice Apollo MOFB Moon Photocell detector prevents gates from closing on obstacles in its path. With the latest in photocell technology, the Blue Bus communication system reveals obstacles situated on the optical axis between the transmitter and receiver. These safety components ensure children, pets, and other objects stay out of harm's way.

This advanced gate safety system is easily installed with a mere two wires, and maintenance is minimal. These photocells do not require any special work aside from checking them once every six months to evaluate their condition. The units are vertically wall-mounted.

Product Type
The MOFB photocell detector is for gate and door automation systems (type D according to EN standard 12453), consisting in a “TX” transmitter and “RX” receiver.

Works with 936 and 1050 Control Boards.

Technology Employed
TX-RX direct optical interpolation with modulated infrared ray.

Power Supply/Output
The device can only be connected to “Blue Bus” networks, from which it receives its power supply and sends output signals.

Detection Capacity
Opaque objects (larger than 50 mm) located on the optical axis between TX and RX, which move more slowly than 1.6m/s.

TX Transmission Angle
20° +/- 25%

RX Reception Angle
Approximately 20°

Useful Range
Up to 15m for a maximum TX-RX misalignment of ± 5°. The device can detect and signal an obstacle even in particularly bad weather conditions.

Maximum Range, Under Optimum Conditions
Up to 30m for a maximum TX-RX misalignment of ± 5°.

Maximum Cable Length
Up to 50.

Addressing Possibility
Up to 7 detectors with the protection function, and 2 with the opening command function. The automatic synching prevents any interference among the various detectors.

Protection Class For Casing

Operating Temperature
-20°C ÷ +55°C

69 x 78 x 25 mm