Linear Prox.Pad Keypad


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   Product Details
  • Proximity reader module can mount remotely from controller.
  • Reader compatible with all HID cards up to 37-bits.
  • 1000 event audit trail.
  • Network compatible with hub controller.
  • 12 volts DC (stand alone) or 5 volts DC (Wiegand Panel).
  • 18 month manufacturer warranty
  • Linear’s prox.pad™ is a stand alone proximity reader and keypad that can be directly mounted to a single-gang electrical box or to most flat surfaces. The prox.pad provides standard access control functionality with the use of its two relays and two inputs for request to exit and door position. By utilizing the proximity reader and keypad together, a higher level of security is achieved by requiring both to grant access. The prox.pad can be used for stand alone access control, or used as a reader for Linear access systems or most Wiegand systems. The proximity reader is capable of being mounted up to a maximum of 10 feet away from the prox.pad.

    Manual: Proxpad User Manual
    Manual: Proxpad Installation Manual
    QB ID: 0-205676

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