NICE Apollo 318N FLOX2R/A 4333MHz 2 Channel Receiver


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This digital universal receiver is 2 channel, with step-by-step, timer and anti-burglar functions. Works with all standard gate operators. Management of multi-user system through the unique, personal code. Uses BM250 memory which holds 255 codes.

  • Reception frequency : 433.92 MHz
  • Power input : 24V or 12V ac/dc ± 10%
  • Sensitivity : < 0.5μV (range 100-150m with ABF- ABFKIT aerial)
  • Stand-by/active channel consumption : 15 mA / 35 mA
  • Decoding : digital
  • Operating temperature : -10°C +55°C

The “FLOR” system uses a principle that makes your radio control extremely safe. A technique called “Rolling Code” is used that changes a part of the code each time it is transmitted following a predefined sequence; the code is masked with appropriate mathematical functions so there is no logical connection between two consecutive codes. The receiver is always synchronized with the transmitter so it will accept only the programmed code sequence. It is completely useless to try and copy the signal transmitted with this system because once the code has been “used” the receiver will only recognize the next one.

Manual: apollo flor s receiver programming guide
Manual: nice_group_usa_limited_warranty
QB ID: 318N

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