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Sliding driveway gate products offer an efficient entry to your residential or light commercial property. Revolutionary in safety and design: Gate Crafters semi-custom sliding gates are function and look different than all others in the industry. We use a cantilever style which is easier for installation, safer and better for automation. The cantilever gate never touches the ground; instead it rides on rollers that get attached to the posts and runs through a channel welded to the gate.

The installation is simply mounting posts like you would with a swing gate, bolting on your rollers at your desired height off the ground, and sliding the gate into place. It's an ideal method for automation, our specialty, because there is little friction. Gates that run on the ground frequently obstruct due to debris in the path. Debris like leaves and sticks get blown in the way during storms, block our competitors gates from rolling at the precise time you would want to not have to get out of your car - during a storm - this is a major downside of standard gates that our system provides a solution to. No wheels on the ground are safer too. Children are at risk of fingers or toes (or pet's and their paws) getting squished by rolling gates. As Gate Crafters semi-custom sliding gates have nothing rolling on the ground, so there is a huge safety advantage.

It offers an innovative in design. Most objections to sliding gates are they look too industrial. Gate Crafters semi-custom sliding gates are available with all the curves and features of the much sought after residential swing gates. They match up with the driveway and have a hidden "tail" behind the scenes that extends it the length needed for sliding.

Sliding gates are great for properties with space restrictions. Swing gates require room for a gate to swing into your property - many times up to 12 or 14 feet in. Sliding gates run on the back side of a fence line which great for properties that have width but not depth to the yard. You could literally open the gate, pull your car just inside the property, and close the gate; something not possible with a swing gate. is excited to offer our semi-custom sliding gates. Made of quality 6061-T6 wrought aluminum alloy for a high yield strength, these wrought aluminum sliding gates will withstand the elements for long lasting beauty.

As a semi-custom line, you can add your personal touch to the design process just by following the guided steps below. Just select your preferred spears, top style and other design elements to create the perfect semi-custom sliding gate for your property.

The Gate Crafters sliding gates are constructed with automation in mind so after your sliding gate design is finished, browse our single or dual slide openers and finish off with helpful accessories to complete your semi-custom gate!