LiftMaster Universal MyQ Receiver Kit plus Adaption Components


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    The LiftMaster Universal MyQ Receiver Kit with GateCrafters Adaption Kit is compatible with all gate openers

    Included in kit:

  • 821LM - LiftMaster
  • Sensor/Magnetic Sensor - GateCrafters
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    This kit is designed by to utilize Liftmaster’s MyQ system on any gate opener. Liftmaster created a kit for converting garage door openers to be compatible with MyQ however it does not adapt gate openers. Gate Crafters, being the experts in gate automation, has designed additional components to adapt the Liftmaster garage door kit to work with gate openers.

    In addition to this kit being able to operate any gate opener, it also brings a new level of certainty to the open/close status. "This modification is not tested to UL standards and this unit should not be used where UL325 is required” MyQ when built into a gate opener utilizes the control boards indication of reaching the closed position to indicate the gate as closed. The Adaption Kit provided by Gate Crafters utilizes a magnetic reed switch similar to that of an alarm system. When MyQ is built into a circuit board it uses the board for indication of open or close. Two scenarios could prevent true knowledge of open or close status. The first, is if the piston is in the closed position by removed from the gate the gate could be manually swung open without the knowledge of the home owner or indication from the MyQ app. Secondly, if the close position changes due to malfunction of the board or movement on the brackets the gate may be slightly ajar without the MyQ app indicating it as such.

    With the Gate Crafters kit a reed switch indicates open or closed, which indicates the physical gate being closed and not the closed status of the opener. If the gate opener is removed or closed position changes the gate wont reach the switch, the user will know that physical gate is no longer fully closed.

    Considerations for MyQ usage:

  • The MyQ WiFi hub must be plugged into an outlet. The outlet must either be in an enclosed area or have a weatherproof plug cover (this applies to any transformers being used outdoors, not exclusive to this system)
  • The MyQ WiFi hub my connect to your WiFi network (use a laptop, phone, or other WiFi enabled device to find range of your homes WiFi network)
  • The MyQ WiFi hub sends a 315 mhz signal to a 312HM receiver that is compatible with your gate opener (not included, see related products to add to your cart) . The 312HM has a range of about 100 feet—300 feet depending on radio interference factors.
  • The MyQ WiFi hub must be kept out of the weather. If the gate is within wireless radio range from the garage the WiFi hub can be mounted in the garage and plugged into an outlet in that location. If the WiFi network is strong enough to reach the gate it can be placed in the control box of the gate opener. If the WiFi hub is being located in-between the house and the gate to utilize an outlet please purchase a weather proof box at a home improvement store.
  • The 312HM receiver must be kept out of the elements and at the gate. Mount it inside the gate opener control box. If you are utilizing the receiver to increase the range of the system you will need a waterproof box to keep the receiver in.
  • The 312HM receiver can have its wires to the gate opener extended by up to 500 feet, this is a great way to extend the range of the system. If your WiFi is limited or your access to an outlet to plug in the WiFi hub is limited to near the house and the gate is beyond wireless radio range the 312HM receiver can be mounted within range of the WiFi hub and low voltage wire used up to 500 feet to connect to the gate opener.
  • IMPORTANT Safety Considerations: MyQ will allow for your gate to be opened or closed remotely. Only use this device on gate openers that have entrapment prevention safety devices installed, car detection safety devices installed and are properly maintained and tested for obstruction force sensing. The WiFi hub will make an audile beep for 3 seconds prior to the gate opener moving after receiving the signal, however do not rely on this indicator as a preventative measure instead of proper safety devices.
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  • Compatible with most car connection systems
  • Compatible with both 12v and 24v systems
  • Adds additional level of security to your gate
  • has the resources you need. How do you use your gate opener system once you get it? is the only retailer to give a real answer to this question. We have develop videos for installing many of our gate openers and products and write DIY focused manuals for most gate openers and have individual instructions for each accessory to be installed with each gate opener.

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    Manual: GCMYQadapt
    Manual: Reconfigure the MyQ Receiver
    QB ID: GCMyQ

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