Exit Push Button 5' Stand - Standard Push Button Black

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The Gate Crafters Lockable Gooseneck Exit Button Stand enables you to couple an exit button your gate system with ease. It is precisely hand-welded to place your exit button in the perfect location and angle. The Gooseneck Exit Button Stand is supported with a One Year Warranty.

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Constructed from durable 6060-T6 wrought aluminum (6060-T6 is a high-grade alloy with a yield strength of about 45,000 lbs. per square inch.) Height: 4 ft. tall (after installation of 1 ft. in the ground). Each post comes in solid black to blend with any gate or landscaping theme.

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The exit push button 5' can be purchased with an Estate Swing 433 Wireless Transmitter Module that makes the entire setup wireless. Purchasing this addition will allow for faster installation because there will be no need to dig a trench for from your gate opener to the exit button stand.

If you purchase the Estate Swing 433 Wireless Transmitter Module you will receive the following internal transmitter:

Transmitter Module

If you purchase the Estate Swing 433 Wireless Transmitter Module + Receiver, you will receive the following Receiver:

Transmitter Module

The Exit Push Button 5' has the option to come in a custom color, not just the standard black. If this system is being purchased alongside a gate, the custom color powder coating is free as long as it matches the powder coating on the gate. Please see your gate sales representative for details.