Fleur de Lis Upgrade Finial Set for 14' Estate Swing Gate - Dual Design

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Fleur de Lis Upgrade Finial Set for 14' Estate Swing Gate

These decorative Fleur de Lis finials are an optional upgrade for the Estate Swing Driveway Gate collection. They will take the place of the standard finials that come free with your gate. The decorative Fleur de Lis "Flower of the Lilly" shows on both sides. This symbol is known for its regal nature, first appearing on royal symbols in France centuries ago. It denotes wealth, pride and purity. How does it work? The Fleur de Lis finial is tapered for a tight fit. There is no welding or glue required to attach the finials. To apply, just center them on the top of the gate picket and give a gentle tap with a rubber mallet to apply to the gatepost.

Set of 26 (for the 14' Dual Gate) or Set of 28 (for the 14' Single Gate)
Fits over 3/4
Height 5-1/2
Width 3-1/4
Base 1-1/8
Color: Black
Material Polypropylene

Select from the option above to match the single or dual design.

QB ID: 1-60-34-14'

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