Sweetgrass Estate Gate (Dual 6') - 9' 2.5"

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    When you buy a driveway gate you want to know you're getting a quality gate that will last you a lifetime. Well rest easy because when you buy a gate from us you know you're getting a gate of distinction and beauty.

    Each of our gates are constructed from 6061-T6 rust free wrought iron aluminum alloy. That is a high grade alloy with a yeild strength of about 20,000 to 30,000 pounds per square inch. Why do we use such strong alloy? Because we know we have to offer the best to our customers. You get the best in resiliency and durability, so we can provide you with a quality, dent resistant, and charming gate. We also understand that shipping an item sometimes isn't the easiest of trips. We use this higher grade of aluminum to avoid shipping damage.

    Most companies use 6063 aluminum which is a weaker grade and does not yield at the same weight the 6061-T6 does. It is too inadequate to withstand life's dents and dings, because other companies forget you the consumer can't be worried that your gate looks overused, old, and decrepit. When your gate gets bumped or hit it should form back to its original shape. With 6101-T6, when pressure is exerted on the material it yields to the pressure, and when the pressure is realeased it regains its original frame. Not only do we use the best alloy we can - we also have other great things that come included.

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    Each gate comes standard with special ball bearing hinges. Ball bearing hinges are provided to permit smooth and effortless longitudinal movement of the gate. These hinges provide a higher level of consistency over other hinges and less chance of becoming jammed or rusted. Additionally this hinge design allows for a higher level of adjustment ensuring a perfect DIY installation. Each set is rated at 1000lbs, far over the heaviest of GateCrafters.com's gates. The hinges are also equipped with grease fittings. Grease fittings allow for easier lubrication of hinges and assure all bearings are receiving lubrication. A check in the head of the fitting that prevents dirt and grit from getting to the bearings. Dirt and grit is a constant battle in an outdoor enviroment; the grease fittings that GateCrafters.com includes standard help to assure your hinges will work each and every time.

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    Painting aluminum takes a level of expertise many gate manufacturers overlook. The primer/paint combination used by GateCrafters.com uses marhide self-etching primer by Bondo. A self-etching primer is an essential under coat layer of paint over aluminum. Primer kills stains, retards moisture, and provides a good surface for a topcoat of paint to adhere to. It is imperative that new or bare metal and aluminum is primed prior to painting. Bondo is the producer of the top bare aluminum primer on the market. All gates are then top coated with industrial Rust-Oleum brand enamel. Enamel is paint with finely ground pigments and a high binder content so that it dries to a hard finish. Enamels are mandatory to use on aluminum surfaces because of their ability to affix to a highly smooth surface . Rust-Oleum is famous for providing long lasting surfaces and takes its legendary quality and industrial coatings to a higher level.

    We are so concerned with our customers' satisfaction that we offer great options to make your gate more personal. You have the ability to customize your gate further! You can add letters if you choose, or perhaps we offer the perfect ornament that means something special to you or your family. All ornaments pictured are available to you unless otherwise noted below the picture. We also offer paint and different colors for your choosing.

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    Once you decide on the design you want, choose your length and add it to your shopping cart. Then choose any ornaments you may want to add to this design that are down the left hand side of the screen and add those to the shopping cart as well. Proceed with checkout. After checkout our gate design staff will contact you via email to help you position your ornaments and go over your design to be sure we are producing the gate that you envision on your property. After confirmation of design we will usher your gate through the manufacturing process and update you as it moves through our various quality checks and completions.

    We want to be sure our customers are satisfied. That's why you get personal service from our gate design staff. We also provide support from the largest technical support staff in the country. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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