GTO PRO 1000

GTO/PRO 1000
Thank you for searching for the GTO/PRO 1000 or Mighty Mule FM700 gate opener. This gate is no longer in production. is your top source for parts or replacement of this system. Below, you will see top choices for replacing the gate opener with a current model. Below that, the parts that are available from GTO or OEM by

Top replacement in GTO/PRO family of gate openers

The GTO/PRO 2000XLS (2002XLS for dual gates) is a new era gate opener from GTO/PRO with all the features that newer style gate openers have such as UL certification and soft stop. However, the number one reason people buy this kit as a replacement is that it is the only gate opener that can use the brackets already mounted to your post and gate.

GTO/Linear Pro PROSW2000XLS Single Swing Gate Opener w/ Free Extra Remote (PROSW2000XLS)
Price: $695.00
GTO/Linear Pro PROSW2002XLS Dual Swing Gate Opener w/ Free Extra Remote (PROSW2002XLS)
Price: $989.99

Top replacement of GTO/PRO 1000 gate openers - all brands

The E-S 1000H (E-S1000D for dual gates) has been the top choice for replacement because of the upgrade that you receive for about the same price as what your original unit had cost. The Estate Swing has two limit switches, both magnetic and both adjustable. The PRO 1000 had mechanical limit switches that tended to break over time and only the extended limit switch was adjustable. The retracted limit was fixed position. This gate opener also has a metal control box, metal housing on the operator, and can fit a large deep cycle marine battery instead of the small 7 amp hour battery. This helps for solar and cold weather.

Estate Swing E-S1000D Solar Dual Swing Gate Opener w/ Free Extra Remote
Price: $989.99
Estate Swing E-S1000H Single Swing Solar Gate Opener w/ Free Extra Remote
Price: $689.99