Automated Gate Systems for For Multi-Family Properties

Automated Gate Systems Offer Many Benefits to Multi-Family Properties

A multi-home property is a tricky situation. Many times we come across customers needing automated gate systems for properties that have 2 or 3 houses behind the gate. They don't have the money to spend on a commercial system like found on large subdivisions however they understand that a the automation system needs to be a little more sophisticated than your typical single family property

Start with the needs of all the families for entering. Will families possibly change often in the houses and the automation system will have to be secured? If so a GSM receiver instead of remotes would be ideal so cell phones will activate the gate opener instead of transmitters. The cell phones can individually be removed to by the administrator from gate access and they cannot be lost or taken with the residents like transmitters can.

An exiting device should be used for leaving the property. This will make it easy for all the families and guests to leave. Lastly safety devices are a must to be in place on a multi-family property. No one wants a liability or law suit from guests of another family to affect their own family.

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