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Here you will find photos of complete gate and gate opener installations. is proud of our customers and their accomplishments and would like to share their successful projects with others thinking of putting up a gate or gate opener.

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Jack B.

This is an example of how different an application you can use the wood/vinyl gate frame on. This customer contacted us about making a frame that would support wood to continue his fence line as a gate. We looked at a 3 rail frame but determined the length was going to exceed what was needed. We settled on a wood/vinyl gate frame built to his specifications. Typically the frame is a rectangle but we lowered / raised the horizontal bars on the vertical frame pieces to accommodate the spacing needed. Essentially otherwise it is just a short gate frame. The customer did a great job of attaching the wood and making the gate a complete success.

This customer has made an incredible transformation on his entry to his property. He went from a dirt road with a ranch gate with a mighty mule to a grand entrance using a GateCrafters semi-custom driveway gate automated by an E-SL 1800 and a RE-1 telephone entry system. They have worked hard on this project to get everything to work out. They stated it was probably one of the most complex home projects as involved a variety of hardware, much of which I had not previously had experience installing. But he has experience now and has done it himself. There were thoughts the chosen control package for his residential was over the top, but he is an engineer, so to quote our customer, "that’s what I do".
Dave, WA

The esl 450 was the perfect fit for this functional farm gate. It is a small, lightweight gate with a very short tail section. Because the tail section is shorter most other operators would require additional gate built on to the end. However because of the no-waste small frame of the esl 450 and the fact it is rack and pinion rather than chain the tail can be very short and right to the edge of the operator. Despite being a no frills gate visually, mechanically this is a very sound design. The concrete pad lifting the v track above dirt level will help to ensure a smooth operation.
Lillian, ME

This customer did something highly unique that is actually easy to do when using an Estate Swing. She used two single gate openers to make a dual gate installation. Each gate will work 100% independent of the other, however with the Estate Swing it can seem quite coordinated. The Estate Swing comes with 4 button transmitters by default. So one button activates the left and another activates the right. The reason the customer did this is to not have to run wire under the driveway, which can be a tedious task.
James B

This is one stout gate built by the customer. The gate posts are 10' x10"x10" ground contact Timbers set 4' in the ground with a yard of concrete around each to support the 14' gate and not move. The gate frame is 2x2 11ga Steel, the cross bars are 1x2 11ga. This results in the gate being stiff, no flex, no droop. He used 3/4" hinges with 6" lag bolts into the 10x10 timbers. The 1x6 boards are inset into the frame. A Black powder-coated Allegiant gate opener is mounted to open 110 degrees, along with an Estate Swing low impact lock, a exit wand is buried parallel to the driveway 200' from the gate, a single LED light (to tell guests the gate is opening), charge controller, 65ah battery and the Estate Swing GSM Intercom, all of the gear is mounted in the Allegiant metal box. The solar panel is a 45w panel. Our driveway is a quarter mile long, so getting power or communication to it was not really an option, the GSM is nice it costs us about $60 a year with T-Mobile.
Ronald, FL

This customer has a great example of utilizing the correct hardware for their gate. There are so many options for a gate that many times the standard hardware wont be applicable. This customer has utilized U-Bolts and Clamps to achieve the proper installation on his round post and chain link gate. However, even though he did this DIY and with alternate hardware he purchased, he has done it in a way that makes this install look nothing short of exactly how an LA412 should look if a professional installed it.

Here we have a complete gate and Estate Swing 1000D gate opener system installed. The gate is powder coated black and pairs nicely with the powder coated black design of the E-S 1000D motors and control box. This is an ideal installation for solar, having a gate in a good location for the panel where you can have the opener, control box and solar panel all in a neat organized area without many wires.
Keith, CA

An elegant entryway is not only a well thought through look but also automation that ties it all together. Think "guy stranded on side of road with a broken down luxury car", the elegance of the car is gone with the malfunction. The appearance of this gate is clean and uniform with the white ornamental fence matching the gate making for an impressive pull in area from the main road. Couple this with a perfectly installed E-S 1000D and the driveway is a masterpiece. Note how the gate is mounted on posts behind the columns, this is an ideal solution for automation and maximizing driveway space. Allowing clearance for both the gate and the gate opener.

Here is an ideal example of how the sentry gate opener was designed to be used. In a location where power is not close by and solar is going to be the sole source of power to charge the gate opener battery. This farm gate has the Sentry 300 DIY gate opener mounted on it. At the top of the post the control box is mounted on you will also see that they have a GateCrafters 5 Watt panel. In addition to being a solid stand alone system without needing connection to power, the setup seen above with everything close by including the panel and no long wires will really help to cut down on power surge damage.

This is a great example of mounting a linear actuator on a column with the correct setback. If you notice the bracket is on the rear face of the column and the gate is near the center of the column. However because the gate is mounted on a post in the center of the column there is a little room to play with between a 90 degree open gate and the face of the column. The customer has mounted the bracket to point the rear setback of the gate opener to sit in this gap between the gate and the column. If the bracket was on the rear of the gate without being able to be pointed into this gap the rear of the opener would be too far from the hinge of the gate to work. it is a very clean and professional looking installation as well.
Bob, LA

This is a very clean installation in a tight space - a definite challenge in the gate automation world that was conquered in this example. Some forethought on the automation went a long way when mounting the gate. Notice on the fence side the post has a gap from the fence. This was to allow for the swing of the operator arm. Too close and the operator arm will not have the leverage it needs to operate consistently, to far and there is an unsightly gap. This installation way done perfectly and planned with the precision of a pro; but done with the skill and pride of a DIY'er. It features a semi-custom gate and an Estate Swing E-S1000H single swing gate opener.

Larry, AZ

This successful DIY project consists of the GTO GP-SL 100 slide gate operator. The homeowners are glad to mention that the gate operator works flawlessly and that it is also one of their high points of their renovation.

Scott, CA

This is a great example of a proper gate opener set up. One thing we would like to point out is the gate opener is level to earth as is the swing of the gate. The gate itself is built on a slope to account for the slope of the driveway but the swing path is perfectly level. This is necessary for reliable automation, hard to explain sometimes, and is done to a T in this customer's gate opener installation.
Another aspect we like of this installation is the location of the solar panel. Notice it in the lower right side of the picture. It is mounted in a south facing clearing near the ground. The key to solar panels are that they are in the open with no shadows during any part of the day and they are facing south. Many make the mistake of locating the solar panel where they have a post instead of locating it where it would work best. Here they chose to make it work where it would work best.
Great all around LA412 solar gate opener installation.
Joe, CO

Joe sent in this nice wintry scene of his Colorado Springs property that now includes the Estate Swing 1000D dual swing gate opener. Other great accessories installed with the unit is a 5 watt solar panel, the GateCrafters automatic gate lock for added security, as well as the GTO intercom and keypad system which lets you communicate with guests, and with a touch of a button allow them into the property.

Darren, CA

This clean and successful installation of the LiftMaster LA-400-D Dual Swing Gate Opener was sent in by Darren from California. With the LA-100-D you're able to choose from two control box sizes; the standard one which includes batteries, or the larger box if you choose to use a larger battery (not included with this option). Seen in this installation is the standard control box.
Jerry, FL

Another great DIY gate opener project was sent in by Jerry who tells us: "I purchased Estate E-S1000H gate opener from Gate Crafters and installed it myself with minimal problems. Only problem I ran into was that there were not instructions for mounting the 5W solar panel and the hardware was not compatible (the bolts were too long) but I have bolts and a quick search of the gatecrafters website I found instructions for mounting the solar panel."
Raina, WA

Raina tells us: "We bought this gate opener system (LiftMaster/Chamberlain LA-412 Single Swing Solar Gate Opener w/ solar panel- w/ Standard Box ) in September. It took me so long to install the system because I hurt my back at work. I had my friend help me install the system. I had to install the solar panel about 250 ft away from the gate. I used 12 gauge stranded copper wire. I installed push buttons (door bell buttons) for visitors and emergency personnel. The installation was easier than I thought it was going to be."
Steve BC

This forestry-based British Columbia property opens like a storybook entryway. Their elegant gate is complimented by the GTO/Pro SW2002XL Dual gate opener purchased from . The owners of this home wanted to automate their gate for easy entry and also said, "we installed this gate to primarily keep the deer out of the gardens inside the property but also to prevent many people from driving up our driveway right to the house."
Letty and Bob Kilmoyer

Imagine living in a breathtaking tropical paradise! The residents of this Florida Keys home made their entryway complete with a GateCrafters semi-custom aluminum driveway gate and GTO gate opener. The flower lined driveway now holds a stylish new dual gate with a top curve, decorative picket spears and mirroring palm tree ornaments. Entering and exiting has never been easy. This family even wrote in to say, "We love our gates and have had many compliments."
Abraham Sakamoto HI

In Hawaii, this customer installed their Estate Swing 16 foot dual aluminum driveway gate at the front of their home. They selected a Mighty Mule gate opener powered with the GTO solar panel. This extensive property with rolling green hills in beautiful Hawaii now has the protection and functionality of an Estate Swing gate purchased at This customer said he's received several compliments regarding the gate and seamless install job.
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