BD Loops PreFormed Saw-Cut Exit Loops w / 100 Ft. Lead - 3' x 9' / 4' x 8'

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    The BD Loops Preformed 3/16” Saw-cut Loop Burial Safety or Exit Loop is compatible with: All loop detectors.

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    Used for saw-cut installations where a 3/16” groove is cut into the concrete or asphalt and the wire is stuffed and sealed (using loop sealent) into the surface. Custom polyethylene outer jacket protects a micro-dusted nylon coated inner jacketed 16AWG stranded wire. The saw-cut loop has a built in backer-rod securely fitting a 3/16” saw-cut groove eliminating the need to apply backer-rod to hold the loop to the bottom of the saw-cut groove and requires 30-40% less loop sealant to seal the groove. The entire loop including the lead-in fits within a 3/16” saw-cut groove preventing wasted time spent double saw-cutting or doubling blades to cut the home run lead-in.

    The only preformed saw-cut loop with a true installation kit designed to ensure a perfectly size cut every time. See more about the TB-Kit.

    Recommended installation tips:
    • Works best with 3/16" saw-cut blade or wider. (Does not work with 1/8" blade.)
    • Can be used with 1/4" blade.
    • Use the TB-Kit to ensure the groove is cut exactly every time.
    • Loop should only be installed black side up to ensure phasing direction matches.
    • Align loop over saw-cut groove before insertion into the groove will prevent having to pull up and realign a “tight-fitting” loop.
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    • 100 ft lead wire
    • Thicker 16-gauge loop wire, most other use thinner 18 gauge
    • For installation in asphalt or concrete 3/16 saw-cut groove
    • Custom designed polyethylene wedge shaped jacket with wings. (built in backer-rod)
    • Easy to follow instructions with template for dog-ear corner cut
    • Pre-phased at the factory
    • Loop wire jacket and lead-in jacket are the same size
    • Soldered connections
    • Pre tested at factory 3 ways: meg-ohm meter, inductance meter and live detector
    • Made in the USA

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    The exit wand is available with 100 feet of lead wire. Choose your desired option above.

    PreFormed Saw-Cut Loop 3' x 7' / 4' x 6'
    PreFormed Saw-Cut Loop 3' x 9' / 4' x 8'
    PreFormed Saw-Cut Loop 6' x 10' / 4' x 12'
    PreFormed Saw-Cut Loop 6' x 12' / 4' x 14'
    PreFormed Saw-Cut Loop 6' x 16' / 4' x 18'
    PreFormed Saw-Cut Loop 6' x 20' / 4' x 22'

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    Use this formula to calculate how far from the gate the loops should be place so that by the time a car reaches the gate, the gate will be completely open:

    Exit Loop formula:    x*(y*1.46)=z

    x = time for gate to open in seconds.
    y = Desired MPH to reach gate.
    z = how far from gate.

    FYI - 1.46 converts miles per hour to feet per second. We also recommend adding in 10 to 20 feet so the gate is fully open at comfortable distance from the gate.

    For placement of a safety loop before and after the gate use the formula below. A safety loop is designed to stop the motion of the gate before the car reaches the gate. The distance below should give an ample amount of time for the gate to stop before hitting a vehicle:

    Safety Formula:     4 feet before a closed gate and after an opened gate.

    When installing the loop wire, it can be placed in an irregular shape, and you will want at least 2 feet of space between the edge of the driveway and the safety loop. The short side of the loop will determine the height of the vehicle it will be able to detect. A safety or exit loop with a short side of 4 feet, will detect cars that are at least 2.7 feet tall. To calculate this height, multiply the short side of the loop by 2/3rds.

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    Manual: Burial Installation Manual
    Manual: Saw Cut Installation Manual
    Manual: SCLitsheetSPANISH
    QB ID: SC24-100

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