FAAC WMS100 Primary/Secondary Connector

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    The FAAC WMS100 master/slave connector is compatible with:

    FAAC: DSL2000 Single Slide Gate Opener, DSW2000 Single Swing Gate Opener, DSW2000 Dual Swing Gate Opener

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    To complete your automatic gate opener experience for the FAAC DSL series opener, why not invest in a wireless Primary/secondary communication system. Having a wired connection between the primary and secondary gate opener motors/boards involves extra time and effort in the installation process of your automatic gate openers. Installing wires requires you to either saw cut your driveway or tunnel under it potentially scarring your driveway or lawn and adding even more work to your list.

    If you decide to go wireless in your communication between the primary and secondary operator, the WMS100 primary secondary connector comes with both a transmitter and receiver instead of having to buy both units separate.

    Simple and easy to install, the WMS100 primary secondary connector from FAAC is the first wireless communication available between a master and slave on a dual gate opener. This is a feature long sought by customers and now FAAC has finally delivered this feature as an option for their newest gate opener.

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  • Includes transmitter and receiver
  • Wireless
  • Compatible with FAAC DSL Gat Opener series
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