Ditek Control Board Surge Protector (DTK-4LVLP-CR)

Price: $45.62

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    The Ditek Control Board Surge Protector (DTK-4LVLP-CR) is compatible with:
    • GTO: SW2000XL, SW2002XL, SW2500, SW2502, SW3000XL, SW3002XL, SW4000XL, SW4002XL, GPSW050, GPSW100, GPSW052, GPSW102, SL1000, SL1002, SL2000, SL2002, GPSL050, GPSL052, GPSL100, GPSL102, old Pro 1000/1002 & 2000/2002

    • Mighty Mule: FM 200, FM350, FM352, FM500, FM502, old FM700 & FM702

    • Estate Swing: E-S 300, E-S 302, E-S 500, E-S 502, E-S 1100, E-S 1102, E-SC 1102, E-S 1600, E-S 1602, E-SC 1600, E-SC 1602, E-SU 2200, E-SU 2202, E-S 450, E-SL 1200, E-SL 1800, E-SL 2000AC

    • Apollo: 1500, 1600, 1550, 1650, 3500ETL, 3600ETL, 7000UL, 7500ETL, BA-12

    • Zareba: G450, G452, G550, G552, G750, G752

    • Most other gate openers
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    Surge suppression is the single largest regret for gate opener customers who have a board destroyed by some seemingly insignificant power surge. Nothing can stop a direct lightning strike but small surges happen all the time. The two largest sources are residual energy from lightning nearby and power overages when the power company restores power after an outage.

    This surge suppressor interrupts those surges right before they reach the control board. The surge suppressor has the capabilities for the following:

  • Protect 1) 24V input or output terminal
  • Protect 1) 12V input or output terminal
  • Protect 1) accessory terminal & ground - can have as many parallel accessories leading to that terminal as needed)
  • If you have a gate opener and one or more accessories that connect to the same terminal and that don't have power run from the opener or the power leads straight from the battery of the opener - you only need one of these.

    If you have a gate opener and accessories that are powered from the control board you will need two of these. Or if you have two accessories that lead to two different terminals you will also need two of these.

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  • Connection Method: Screw terminal (#22 - #16 awg)
  • Max. Surge Current: Power - 2,000 Amps
  • Telco - 9000 Amps
  • Data / LED - 500 Amps
  • Protection Modes: L-G (All)
  • Ten Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Dimensions: 2.90" x 1.62" x 1.58" Weight: 0.25 lbs. Housing: ABS
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    Single version

    GateCrafters.com has actual experience. We have a testing area, we have factory and internal training courses, we build gates and have our own gates that are automated, we attended all industry trade shows in multiple countries and are a member of the AFA, and we pay visits to our chosen manufacturers' factories. All these factors are what have lead to us having so many exclusive additions. When you see and actually use as many products as we have you tend to have many ideas for minor changes that have major impacts. We acted on these ideas and have utilized them to help thousands of customers automate their gates.

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    Manual: DITEK Surge Protector Manual

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