Single Family Home Land-line Telephone Intercoms

These 3 intercom systems are made for the single family property. They are hard wired to the existing land line and when the button at the gate is pressed, it will ring the phones in the house. All three operate very similarly. Linear has more dedication to the intercom industry, whereas Liftmaster has this as a related product in a more rounded entry system product line.

LiftMaster EL1SS Single Line Telephone Access Control
Price: $1,068.00

Multi-Home Land-line Telephone Intercoms

These 2 intercom systems are made for neighborhoods or apartment complexes. They require their own land-line dedicated to them. From that land-line, they can call out to homes or cell phones that the visitor chooses from the display.

Linear AE-100 Telephone Entry System (AE-100) Price: $874.99