Pair of safety photo eye mounting posts - 36" tall (2PEP-L)

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    The Pair of Safety Photo Eye Mounting Posts are compatible with:

  • GateCrafters Safety Infrared Sensor "The Safety Egg"
  • Most Photo Eye Sensors
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    Note: Photo eye on post in picture is not included. Purchase includes 2 posts, painted with caps.

    Available in 2 optional heights: Car (30" tall) or Truck (36" tall). Constructed from durable 6060-T6 wrought aluminum (6060-T6 is a high-grade alloy with a yield strength of about 45,000 lbs. per square inch.) Comes with an attractive removable cap - finishes the post yet allows access to the inside for running wire and mounting of the photo eye. Wire can be run down through the photo eye stand, which is hollow to give a complete polished look to your home entrance.

    The stand gets buried 6" in the ground. It is 2"x2" square and can be used for mounting any photo eye. (does not include mounting hardware for photo eyes or pre-drilled holes)

    Each post comes in solid black to blend with any gate or landscaping theme. The primer/paint combination used by has been tested to withstand years of outdoor punishment. uses Marhide self-etching primer by Bondo. A self-etching primer is an essential undercoat layer of paint over aluminum. Primer kills stains, retards moisture and provides a good surface for a topcoat of paint to adhere to. It is imperative that new or bare metal and aluminum is primed prior to painting. Bondo is the producer of the top bare aluminum primers on the market. All gates are then top coated with Industrial Rust-Oleum brand enamel. Enamel is paint with finely ground pigments and a high binder content so that it dries to a hard finish. Enamels are mandatory to use on an aluminum surface because of its ability to affix to a highly smooth surface. Rust-Oleum is famous for providing long lasting surface and takes their legendary quality to a higher level in their industrial coatings.

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  • Durable: Constructed from 6060-T6 wrought aluminum, has a yield strength of 45,000 lbs per square inch
  • Stylish: Solid black, comes with attractive removable cap, paint will withstand years of outdoor weathering

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  • 30" tall
  • 36" tall
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    QB ID: 2PEP-T

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