LiftMaster LMUNTG Galss-Mount Parking Pass Tag (50ct)

Price: $365.00

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   Product Description

The LiftMaster LMUNTG Dual-Purpose RFID Tag can be installed on surfaces of vehicles. They meant to be installed on surfaces that are made of glass, plastic or fiberglass. When mounted on the windshield, these tags are designed to not interfere with this vision of the driver. Additionally, the LMUNTG offers an unmatched level of security as their design does not allow them to be removed or transferred once mounted to the vehicle. All LiftMaster tags have been tested to withstand a variety of environmental conditions such as UV exposure, vibration, temperature and humidity cycles. This LiftMaster Hang Tag is compatible with the RFID Long-Range Reader. Perfect for visor passes, loaner vehicles, student/facility parking lots and employee access controls.

Manual: Installation Guide

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