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Juliana is a charming single styled wrought iron gate that measures 13 feet and 7 inches long. It is created with a deep bronze color which is intertwined with subtle black hues and a touch of bright gold and stunning coral pink. This is sectioned into four panels each replicating the other with the exception of a gradual increase to the center resulting in a bell arc. There are two different heart shapes enclosed. Above the privacy panel are fuller rounded hearts surrounded by a mass of swirls. You can make them out by the bold boarding finished with gold accents. Below the panel there are elongated hearts accented by floral details and golden textured leaves.

Color is truly a remarkable aspect of this gate. The coral poppy flowers stand out among the deep bronze/black to bring warmth and whimsy. Texture also plays a significant role. The frame is hammered for texture you can see and feel. Down the center you'll find a narrow strip. This middle panel is engraved with a Victorian floral design from top to bottom. Swirled wrought iron within the panels compliment the smaller elements and work to create an overall a delightful flowing vine effect. The privacy panel along the middle contains equal armed crosses, more poppies and further textures. It is completed with a build up of scrolls to the center with a flower at the apex. Heart shapes, flowers and open swirls all create the beautiful gate that we call Juliana.

Simgle Gate (shown above)

13 feet and 7 inches

6 feet on sides
8 feet and 11 inches at highest point

The exact version of Juliana shown above is ready to ship and available for purchase. It is currently located in our Odessa, FL warehouse. If these specifications do not meet your needs, you may also order this gate utilizing revised dimensions. Simply visit the main listing for Juliana and input desired measurements indicating dual or single styled gate.

Our gates are welded using traditional stick welding processes. Also known as shielded metal arc welding, this process consists of using a consumable electrode coated in flux (a chemical agent - zinc oxide - that removes oxidation from metals) to create an electric arc for welding. The vapors from the flux create an inert gas, known as shielding gas, which conducts heat and reduces the voltage required for welding. This process also creates slag, or melted metal, that protects against atmospheric contamination of the welded material. The slag must be chipped off, and the overall process requires a skilled artisan for a properly finished piece.

Forging is the traditional means of working iron and other metals. Traditional tools are the hammer and anvil, and one major benefit of forged metal is that it becomes harder as it is worked. This is because the grains of the metal are deformed to follow the new shape, not broken, as in other methods of metalworking. Our gates are forged in order to provide the most durable final product possible.

        Powder coating is the process by which powdered pigment is applied to and cured on a surface. The process for powder coating consists of a mechanical and/or chemical treatment of the surface to remove impurities and contaminants followed by the application of the pigments. Then the material is cured at high temperatures which makes the pigments flow together and react chemically to form the coating. Powder coating is preferred for certain surfaces because it creates or contains close to no volatile organic compounds and does not sag or run with thicker coats. The overspray can also be recycled so there is little waste, making it less expensive and creating less hazardous waste. It is also more versatile than traditional liquid paints. Often, thinner coats of powder coating will be used for a slightly orange peeled effect to prevent fingerprints, but thicker coats may be used for a smoother finish. Our gates are powder coated to provide the most uniform, precise painted effect possible.

Wrought iron is a reliable, attractive metal used for crafting gates. To begin with, it is versatile, making it suitable for a number of gate applications. It also offers a unique appearance in comparison to standard metal or wood gates, and can be customized with a variety of accessories or welded with accents of other metals, such as brass. It is so striking, that it has become a favored medium for metal sculptors for its artistic value. Finally, it is durable, a must for security and extended life. As such, we have chosen wrought iron for some of our finest and most distinctive gates.

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*Price reflects commercial destination rate - an additional $80 will be added for residential delivery.

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