US Automatic Wireless Metal Keypad 050551

Price: $170.56

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    The USAutomatic 050551 Wireless Keypad is compatible with:

  • U.S. Automatic Sentry 300 Series Single/Dual Swing Solar Gate Opener
  • U.S. Automatic Patriot Single/Dual Swing Solar Gate Operator
  • U.S. Automatic Patriot RSL Single Slide Gate Operator

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    The Wireless Keypad 050551 is a radio keypad operating at 433.92 MHz. The radio transmission is enabled only after entering a valid access code. The internal memory can store up to 256 different access codes, 256 temporary codes and 1 Master code. The keypad has 4 unique transmitting channels controlling up to 4 different receiver channels. This feature makes it easy to use 1 keypad to control multiple gate systems individually or simply have 2 unique access codes controlling the two channel (P1, P2) receiver on a single gate system.

      Access Code– Is the 5 digit code entered on the keypad to operate the gate. Option available is to create a code containing less than 5 numbers and use the # sign as the last key in the code. Example code "5#" or "1234#" the # is part of the access code.

      Master Password– The 5-digit code used to access programming features. Factory default is “11111”. This should be changed for security reasons.

      Channel 1– The receiver has 2 relays. P1 (relay 1) is pre-wired to the Push Button input.

      Channel 2– The receiver has 2 relays. P2 (relay 2) is pre-wired to the “Open/Free Exit” input. Keypad Security Code (Dip Switch Code) – This code makes your keypad unique to your installation. Keypad does not have dip switches like the transmitter; instead it has virtual dip switches which must be programmed.

      PUK Code– “Password Unblocking Key.” The PUK code is located inside the keypad and is needed when the master password has been lost. Record in space above for future reference. Must be 5 digits long.

      “ * ” Key– located on the keypad is used to cancel last command entered.

      Quick beeps – the keypad is sending a signal to the receiver. Valid access code was entered.

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  • Die-casted aluminum cover.
  • Quarter-turn Keyed lock protection.
  • Goose Neck compatible mounting plate.
  • Stainless keypad with blue backlight.
  • Night light controlled by a twilight sensor.
  • Night light ON/OFF programable.
  • Battery supply or 12/24 Vac/dc external supply selectable.
  • Radio Transmission.
  • 256 permanent or temporary 5-digit access codes.
  • 1 Master code.
  • Code PUK (password unblocking key.
  • Internal buzzer.
  • Hold Open code via programming to the P2 channel in receiver/Latch Mode.
  • Temporary disabling for multiple wrong codes (If 7 incorrect access codes are attempted the keypad is disabled for 60 seconds).

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    Manual: premium_keypad_pn_050551
    QB ID: 050551

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