Gate Crafters Custom 3 Rail Dual Farm Gate Frame Kit - Under 65 inches

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   Product Description
Three Rail Frames has created an easy DIY multi-sized 3 rail farm gate frame kit. Use the Gate Crafters Wood Rail Farm Gate Kit to build a 3 rail wooden farm gate to replace an existing gate, make your gate easy to automate or match a desired look. Includes easy to attach, adjustable ball bearing hinges to make installation a breeze. Standard frame height measures 42".
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   Why get a Frame?
Through years of automation experience we have heard the same resounding gripe from our customers. The chain link, vinyl, wood or 3 rail farm gates found in local store and fencing suppliers are just not built for the rigors of automation. All Aluminium unit: known for its strength and resilience. PLUS our gates all come with the necessary component of automation including horizontal supports matched to the mounting need of all common gate openers and ball bearing hinges, made to make your gate swing smoothly and freely through years of usage.


You can use any size wood rails you choose (not included) up to 10' to create a traditional farm-style entrance to your home. *Important* We will keep the product price the same - however if your gate is over 65 inches, the shipping fees will change.


Automation is a breeze with the highly recommended E-S1600*, the most popular gate opener we carry. It attaches with a simple bolt on application that any handy homeowner can easily do them. Has a durable housing, powerful motor, dual adjustable limits and constant duty operation (Estate Swing makes the ONLY constant duty DIY opener). Rated for 16' or 800 lbs. Features: Positive stop free operation, metal housing, medium/heavy usage, key manual release, and online video.

Hinge Plates:

The hinge plates have the barrels already welded to a plate for easy mounting to an existing post or column.

Use this gate kit by attaching 3 wooden rails (wood rails not included - typically 1 x 6 fence panels)It attaches on one side to allow a multitude of wood thicknesses and styles. A cable cross bracing and ball bearing hinges are included in this kit to make attaching the gate to a post (post not included, the post can be purchased with the hinges welded on to the post) a breeze. recommends that you use a self-etching primer (such as Marhide self-etching primer ). A self-etching primer is an essential undercoat layer of paint over Aluminium. Primer kills stains, retards moisture and provides a good surface for a topcoat of paint to adhere to. It is imperative that new or bare aluminium and steel is primed prior to painting. Click here to purchase primer. If you would like powder coating, choose between three colors - black, white or yellow - prior to shipping at an additional cost.

   Need a Custom Size?
Start your custom 3 rail farm gate here. Please fill out the below forms and email them to for a quote.

Download wood 3 rail farm gate template and indicate the measurements requested.

Form 1

*Please read the E-S1600 description to be sure the gate opener will fit all of your requirements - it is a fairly universal workhorse of a gate opener but power or clearance issue may need to be considered in some circumstances.

   Words from Senior Application Engineer, Anthony Gaeto

“ “ offers a DIY 3 rail gate frame kit that allows you to match your existing fence. Gate Crafters will customize your frame kit with the dimensions you need to compliment your existing fence. We can match your custom gate frame kit to any existing fence you may have. To have a kit made especially for you please give us a call and give us your dimensions that you need. We can build kits that use more than 3 rails if your fence needs it.

This frame kit is made from all Aluminium and includes everything you need to hang your gate. Stainless steel cable used to provide tension on the frame, the mounting hardware for the cable, and heavy duty ball bearing hinges plates.

The post side of the frame kit has an extra long center piece that allows you to add a gate opener to your gate. This longer arm allows you attach an appropriate gate opener so you can automate your gate. You do not have to use a gate opener, but to add versatility to this kit we built it in so you do not have to change anything to automate your gate. The heavy duty ball bearing hinges feature a built in grease fitting and 2 nuts that allow you to perfectly align your gate with your fence.

This Gate Crafter’s kit gives you an inexpensive option to add a driveway gate to your property. This kit allows you to build your own gate. Our previous customers have provided us with photos with the gates they made from our kit. As you can see there are multiple options when it comes to building your gate. This kit was designed with the DIY customer in mind. It contains all of the elements you need to build your gate, except for the boards needed to construct the gate itself.

Gate Crafters was started in 2002 with the DIY customer in mind. is your one-stop shop for your gate needs. Please give us a call, send an email, or use our live chat on our website so we can help you design your rail gate kit.”

   Additional Pictures: Click to Enlarge
Note: These pictures represent the dual 3 rail gates, but can also be applied to the single frames
Cedar Gate Install
Ex. finished simple 3 Rail Gate Frame Tensioner and Bolts Decorative 3 Rail Gate Int. Decorative 3 Rail Gate Ext. Cedar 3 Rail Frame Gate Interior
3 Frame Gate Cedar Gate Frame Install
3 Rail Frame Entrance 3 Rail Frame Wooded Area 3 Rail Frame Driveway Forest 3 Rail Gate Cedar 3 Rail Frame Gate Exterior
3 Rail Gate Installation 3 Rail Frame Gate with white panels 3 Rail Gate Frame with gate opener Single 3 Rail Gate
Frame Tensioner and Bolts 3 Rail Frame Gate with white panels 3 Rail Frame Gate Entry 3 Rail Gate Frame with E-S 1000H gate opener 3 Rail Gate Frame Entry

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