LiftMaster Elite Series Professional Single Slide Gate Opener Kit - SL3000501UL 1/2HP Kit + 2 Free Remotes


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    Good Housekeeping The LiftMaster Elite SL3000UL8 professional slide gate opener is a heavy-traffic operator with applications such as large gated communities, residential developments, commercial complexes, and private estates:
    • Gate Materials: Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Chain Link, and others.
    • 1/2HP Weight and length: Up to 50' in length and max gate weight 1,000 lbs.
    • 1HP Weight and length: Up to 50' in length and max gate weight 2,000 lbs.
    • Solar Compatible: No
    • Power: 1/2 HP or 1 HP Motor, 120VAC, 4 amp
    • Power Wire Specification: 120VAC wiring must be done by an electrician
    • Warranty: 7-year manufacturer residential / 5-year manufacturer commercial warranty. (Click Here for Warranty Pros and Cons)
    • Liftmaster recommends professional installation and only supports products that are being installed or serviced by a professional installer. For installations that are purchased on we can support installation, general troubleshooting, and warranty assistance directly.

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    topleft topright offers more expert assistance than anyone. If you need help deciding if this gate opener has the abilities that are right for your gate we have live application specialists available 9am - 9 pm EST 7 days a week or try our exclusive gate opener recommendation tool 24 hours/day.
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    Chamberlain's Elite series Commercial Slide Gate Operator carries the Good Housekeeping Seal with a 2 year Good Housekeeping warranty. Select from 1/2 HP or 1 HP models in the option menu above.

    The LiftMaster Elite SL3000UL8 models of slide gate operators are the first choice for heavy-traffic applications and high-demand customers, including large development and management companies, prestigious residential gated communities, and custom home builders.

    #41 chain is guided by two slotted UHMW rollers which prevent the chain from slipping off of the drive sprocket, thereby requiring less maintenance. The SL Series use a solid steel, machined pulley and notched v-groove belt for highly efficient torque transfer from motor to gear reducer. The 1/2 HP, instant reversing parking gate motor uses high speed ball bearings for a smooth and quiet operation. A highly efficient, extremely quiet, 30 to 1 worm gear reducer is used.

    Featuring the highest quality components and backed by years of proven reliability, each unit is carefully inspected and mechanically tested to provide unsurpassed performance. Unique engineering innovations ensure than any LiftMaster Elite SL3000UL8 model will meet the needs of almost every type of high-traffic gated entrance. All backed by the safety and reliability of the most advanced control board in the industry. Furthermore, the LiftMaster Elite CSL24VDC meets the high safety standards of UL 325 listing for a reliable, safe gate opening device.

    The LiftMaster Elite SL3000UL8 opener is designed for professional installation only. Due to the nature of the 120VAC power, it is necessary to have a trained professional, such as a certified electrician install the gate opener. does not consider the Elite series to be a DIY product.

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    • LIMIT SWITCH SYSTEM - The LiftMaster Elite SL3000UL8 is manufactured with a precision limit switch system. This system uses high speed ball bearings and high quality components for efficiency.

    • REVERSING SENSOR - The digital current sensor continuously monitors the motor current. It can be set for both the opening and closing cycles. If the gate is closing and hits a vehicle, the sensor detects the increased load on the motor and reverses. If the gate is opening and hits a vehicle, it stops and reverses 4 to 6 inches. The sensor is smart enough to operate on off-level installations and not to react to wind resistance.

    • OMNICONTROL BOARD - All new UL model LiftMaster Elite SL3000UL8 commercial slide gate operators now use the OmniControl board for enhanced, reliable operation conforming to the new UL-325 and UL-991 specifications. This advanced electronic control board now offers integrated functions to make all input and outputs of the gate operator easy to access. It offers solid state motor control, spike suppressors, safety alarm and many other unique features. The new OmniControl board assures the latest requirements and most advanced technology in the industry, keeping all Elite commercial operators in a class by themselves.

    • PLUG-IN LOOP DETECTORS - These high quality loop detectors are for use with the Elite Omni Board. The electronics are manufactured exclusively for Elite by Reno A&E, a respected name in loop detection technology. With Elite’s proven design and integration technology, these component detectors will make installation and maintenance of loop detection systems simple. They are available for use with the LiftMaster Elite SL3000UL8 for Exit Loop and Safety Loop.

    • STANDARD LIGHTENING PROTECTION - Elite undertook the project of protecting the Elite commercial gate operators against lightning strike with a level of protection up to a 50 foot radius of near lightning strike. The result of this project is a terminal block that has been specifically designed to prevent damage to the OmniBoard caused by lightning strike. The ability to handle high power and the fast response capability is accomplished by the use of a two-stage, hybrid network of surge suppressors integrated in the terminal block. This network of surge suppressors will protect a total of 11 lines for the gate operators (3 lines for the primary/secondary communication, and 8 lines for the various input commands). The 110 volt power line protection on the OmniBoard and the Plug-In Loop Detectors is built into the OmniBoard itself.

    topleft topright has the resources you need. How do you use your gate opener system once you get it? is the only retailer to give a real answer to this question. We have develop videos for installing many of our gate openers and products and write DIY focused manuals for most gate openers and have individual instructions for each accessory to be installed with each gate opener.
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       Included with Gate Opener from Manufacturer Top of Page
    • Control Box
    • Operator
    • 24V DC Control Board
    • Built-in radio receiver
    • Pre-oiled, ready to use from factory
      (LiftMaster Elite SL3000UL8 uses 3/4 qt. of synthetic motor oil 10w30 in the gear box. The gears should slightly dip into the oil as they turn. You can check the motor level by dipping a wire in the gear box. You should not have to add any oil upon installation.)
    • 25' of #41 chain
    • 7-year manufacturer warranty for residential applications
    • 5-year manufacturer warranty for commercial applications
       Gate Exclusive Additions Top of Page
    • Order specific customized accessory wiring instructions
    • 360 degree accessories - we can take you through exit, entry, safety, power, and all other minute details to create a fully rounded kit.
    • Free 24/7/365 Installation Support
    • Free 7 day/week Technical Support
    • Largest Number of Certified Techs in America
    • Free assistance to find the right gate opener for your gate
    • Free systems design assistance to match the right accessories to fit your needs.
    • Extremely competitive pricing
    • Free shipping on all accessories purchased with a gate opener
    • We stock replacement parts
    • Many brands of many types of accessories, enough to handle just about any operational situation you can imagine
    topleft topright has actual experience. We have a testing area, we have factory and internal training courses, we build gates and have our own gates that are automated, we attended all industry trade shows in multiple countries and are a member of the AFA, and we pay visits to our chosen manufacturers' factories. All these factors are what have lead to us having so many exclusive additions. When you see and actually use as many products as we have you tend to have many ideas for minor changes that have major impacts. We acted on these ideas and have utilized them to help thousands of customers automate their gates.
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       Tools & Supplies for Installation Top of Page

    The following tools and supplies are suggested in the manufacturer manual for optimal installation. They are not provided by GateCrafters, however, most tools are available at local hardware stores for purchase or rental.

    • Please refer to manual for Tools Needed.

    Depending on the type of gate, power supply and contributing environmental factors additional tools or supplies may be needed. Please review the product manual associated with this gate opener model for further details.
       Factory Visit Updates Top of Page
    Liftmaster/Chamberlian's domestic operations are located in Elmhurst, IL and maintains a wide reaching branch of international offices. Its manufacturing has been in Mexico for more than 20 years. In business for over 100 years this company is well known for its garage door, gate operators and other access oriented innovations.
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    Installation by:
    FLSS FL Specialty Systems, LLC.

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    Manual: SL3000U Installation Manual
    QB ID: SL3000UL - 1/2HP

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