Universal Traffic Controls® Barrier Gate Operator and Boom - Right

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  •    Gate Opener At a Glance Top of Page
    The Universal Barrier Operator is the pinnacle of user friendly design.
    • Gate Materials: Boom made of powder coated aluminum with a rubber bumper for vehicle protection.
    • Length: Boom is 16' in length
    • Power: 120VAC 60HZ, Motor Power 80W 24VDC
    • Operating Temperature: -4F to +122F
    • Available Battery Backup: 24VDC (two 12VDC batteries in series) (not included)
    • Boom Lift Time: 2 Seconds @ 10 foot boom
    GateCrafters.com offers more expert assistance than anyone. If you need help deciding if this gate opener has the abilities that are right for your gate we have live application specialists available 9am - 9 pm EST 7 days a week or try our exclusive gate opener recommendation tool 24 hours/day.

       Gate Opener Description Top of Page
    The Universal Traffic Controls® Barrier Operator comes with a boom as part of this kit. The boom length of 16 feet provides secure access control to any facility. And with the boom rubber bumper it adds protection from vehicular damage in the case of inadvertent contact. It is protected from the elements with a rust proof housing and aluminum alloy boom arm, which can be oriented left or right allowing entrance or exit regulation. The Barrier Operator sets a standard in ease of installation allowing the purchaser to do what the more industrial models would need a specialist for. The beam can be raise in 2-4 seconds making it nimble enough to service high traffic facilities such as parking garages or apartment entrances.

    The aluminum alloy housing is rust proof and weather resistant but also painted in classic red and silver. The colors are safety standards in terms of traffic control, a reminder for the motorists to stop and pay attention. The frame is strong enough to withstand the small dings and scrapes inevitable to appliances in a driving environment. The steel support that the beam arm attaches to is more than sturdy enough to withstand the pressures exerted on it on a daily basis. The steel support is also covered by a matte white plastic casing when fully assembled to maintain its superior aesthetics.

    The Universal Barrier’s chassis is equipped with multiple safety lights, a feature not found in traditional barriers. The light strips along the front and back of the casing provide a constant source of illumination for your entranceway while the primary light on top blinks in coordination with the lowering or raising of the beam. This not only brings attention to anyone entering or exiting your facility but ensures that other motorists will be aware of the vehicle when passing it. This will greatly reduce the risk of collision on your premises.

    Despite providing the ease and cost of a simpler model this barrier gate offers many of the same features as the high priced competitors. Secure inside the chassis are input terminals for photocell, Airwave switch, loop detector, back-up battery, toll gate system and output terminals for the primary lamp. All of these allow you, the owner, to tailor your barrier operator to your specific needs. In order to provide the customer with the greatest compatibility and reliability, we recommend products on the left of this page in the related items section to complete your entry control application.

    • Low Voltage Motor: 110VAC 60HZ reduced to 24VDC for motor. 24VDC motors are more efficient than high voltage motors and do not require components that frequently need replacing such as large starting capacitors.
    • Smooth Operation: Smooth mechanical soft start and stop operation.
    • Warranty: 2 year manufacturer warranty
    • Safe & Secure: Cover is key lock secured and it is equipped with a warning light and rubber bumper on the boom.
    GateCrafters.com is the DIY factor. GateCrafters.com further adds to most of our gate openers for easier DIY installation. We have developed exclusive components (example: easy adjustable mounting brackets), customized instructions, and offer a full spectrum of accessories to truly cover all aspects of the installation of your gate opener. In addition we have the largest staff of factory trained technicians in the US.

       Gate Opener Features Top of Page
  • 16 foot arm is able to be trimmed to size and raises in 2-4 Seconds
  • Safety light strips and primary lamp provides warning for motorists and boom rubber bumper provides protection against vehicle damage.
  • Functions on normally closed safety circuits to give added protection against safety device failure.
  • Rust proof aluminum alloy housing with attractive powder coated finish
  • Available back up battery for reliable operation
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       Included with Gate Opener from Manufacturer Top of Page
    • Barrier Operator Body
    • 16' Boom arm
    • Installation Manual
    • Manufacturer's 2 Year Warranty
       Gate Crafters.com Exclusive Product & DIY Additions Top of Page
  • 2) Gate Opener Remotes
  • Receiver
  • Order specific customized accessory wiring instructions
  • 360 degree accessories - we can take you through exit, entry, safety, power, and all other minute details to create a fully rounded kit.
  • Free 24/7/365 Installation Support
  • Free 7 day/week Technical Support
  • Largest Number of Certified Techs in America
  • Free assistance to find the right gate opener for your gate
  • Free systems design assistance to match the right accessories to fit your needs.
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Free shipping on all accessories purchased with a gate opener
  • We stock all replacement parts
  • Many brands of many types of accessories, enough to handle just about any operational situation you can imagine
  • GateCrafters.com has actual experience. We have a testing area, we have factory and internal training courses, we build gates and have our own gates that are automated, we attended all industry trade shows in multiple countries and are a member of the AFA, and we pay visits to our chosen manufacturers' factories. All these factors are what have lead to us having so many exclusive additions. When you see and actually use as many products as we have you tend to have many ideas for minor changes that have major impacts. We acted on these ideas and have utilized them to help thousands of customers automate their gates.
       Tools & Supplies for Installation Top of Page

    The following tools and supplies are suggested in the manufacturer manual for optimal installation. They are not provided by GateCrafters, however, most tools are available at local hardware stores for purchase or rental.

    • Please refer to manual for Tools Needed.

    Depending on the type of gate, power supply and contributing environmental factors additional tools or supplies may be needed. Please review the product manual associated with this gate opener model for further details.
       Words from Senior Application Engineer, Anthony Gaeto Top of Page
    Anthony Gaeto Application Engineer "The Universal barrier operator was made to provide home and small business owners a way to control passage on and off their property. It’s great for residential roads or driveways as well as commercial parking lots and garages. The beam raises somewhere between two and four seconds, depending on the beam you use. This makes it fast enough to serve a moderately high rate of use and compete with the clunky industrial models while still costing a lot less.

    The thing that sets the Universal barrier apart is how user friendly and safety oriented it is. It runs on a low voltage system so there’s no risk of electrical danger when installing the operator or adding accessories. When adding accessories pretty much everything is compatible and they allow you to customize the operator to any need. For instance exit loops and cell phone receivers are great for quick access and they have a vast array of security accessories. Speaking of the security add ons, the Universal barrier operator has a unique advantage in that it functions on a normally closed circuit. This means that if you have a safety accessory, such as a shadow loop or photocell, if the accessory stops working the barrier operator won’t close. Most barrier operators use the normally open circuit. If those safety accessories fail in the open circuit the operator will keep operating and letting people in, and you’ll lose the control over access that the safety accessories provided.

    The Universal operator also has three lighting systems, a safety measure far from common among barrier operators. Two light strips run down the side of the frame and the primary light is on the top. While the side light strips provide a bit of illumination, the primary lamp on top is the key safety feature. The light blinks on and off while the operator’s arm is in use and stays steady when not in use. The blinking light while in use is a safety feature required of barrier operators in most European countries with more stringent traffic and safety laws. The safety light draws attention to anyone coming or leaving which greatly reduces the risk of collisions on your property. The Universal operator even takes looks into account using the red and silver traffic color scheme as well as a sleek yet sturdy design.

    GateCrafters.com is proud to sell the Universal Barrier Operator and offers a wide selection of accessories to tailor fit the product to your specific needs."

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    Manual: UniversalBarrier OperatorManual
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