KeyStone Wired/Wireless Keypad (WKP-P) - Wired/ 318MHz Wireless Compatibility

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    The Gate Crafters Wired Keypad is compatible with:
  • All Brands of Gate Openers
  • GC Pedestrian Gate Lock
  • The Gate Crafters 318 Wireless   Keypad is compatible with:

  • Mighty Mule:
  • GateCrafters 318 MHz Garage Door Receiver

  • offers more expert assistance than anyone. We have live application specialists available 9am - 9 pm EST 7 days a week.

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    The GateCrafters Keypad is one of our most popular and versatile products. It is purchased across the board with every gate opener we carry to control the access to our customers' properties. The entrance to a person's home says a lot about their taste, style and personality. Express your dedication to the finer things in life with the GateCrafters Digital Keypad. Not only will a polished steel keypad embellish your gateway but it will also add the comfort of knowing you have a device of superior quality and security regulating access to your property.

    The GateCrafters Keypad holds up to 60 individually editable codes. Keep your immediate family code close while retaining the freedom to create and erase codes for parties, friends, distant relatives, deliveries, lawn care, employees, service calls, or any other use.

    Those without codes will be deterred from tampering by a temporary security shutdown after a string of incorrect codes are entered. Plus, the heavy-duty, durable frame will keep your digital keypad functioning for years to come. The face and the housing is made of the same type of plastic used to make hockey pucks. While we do not recommend letting your kid smack it around the driveway while playing roller hockey, it is probably the most likely keypad to come out of the abuse functional.

    The GateCrafters Keypad is simple to mount, program, and use both wired and wirelessly, and installation is fully explained in our accessory manual. If you get caught up on a section of the manual, even on the weekend, we are just a phone call away. It only takes a few short steps to program your keypad and also to change no longer wanted codes. Installation is completely wireless so there are no clumsy cords or burying of wire. There will be no more fumbling around in the dark; the keypad comes standard with an internally lit keypad for easy nighttime usage. is the DIY factor. further adds to most of our gate openers for easier DIY installation. We have developed exclusive components (example: easy adjustable mounting brackets), customized instructions, and offer a full spectrum of accessories to truly cover all aspects of the installation of your gate opener. In addition we have the largest staff of factory trained technicians in the US.

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  • Many Users: Up to 60 individually editable codes
  • Convenient: Wired or wireless for convenience
  • Night Use: Keypad back light illuminates when numbers are pressed
  • Security: Hardened plastic case, auto shut-out after a series of wrong codes are entered
  • has the resources you need. How do you use your gate opener system once you get it? is the only retailer to give a real answer to this question. We have develop videos for installing many of our gate openers and products and write DIY focused manuals for most gate openers and have individual instructions for each accessory to be installed with each gate opener.

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    You can add a 433 adapter (listed as a related item) to this keypad to make it compatible wireless with Estate Swings equipped with 433 MHz. It is recommended to select the option of the 433 adapter that includes the WKP box as the adapter does not fit inside this keypad. has actual experience. We have a testing area, we have factory and internal training courses, we build gates and have our own gates that are automated, we attended all industry trade shows in multiple countries and are a member of the AFA, and we pay visits to our chosen manufacturers' factories. All these factors are what have lead to us having so many exclusive additions. When you see and actually use as many products as we have you tend to have many ideas for minor changes that have major impacts. We acted on these ideas and have utilized them to help thousands of customers automate their gates.

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    “The Gate Crafters wireless keypad is available in two different frequency options and can also be wired to your gate opener. The 318MHz version is compatible with GTO and Mighty Mule, the 433MHz version is compatible with select Estate Swing and Apollo gate openers, and as a wired keypad it is compatible with every gate opener or all brands.

    This keypad features buttons that are illuminated once a button is pressed. With this keypad you will be able to store up to 60 individual codes. This keypad does have an automatic shut-out once a series of incorrect codes has been entered. This helps deter unwanted guests from entering your property.

    Gate Crafters is standing by to help you out with help you might need in the programming of your key pad. You can call us 7 days a week and we are more than willing to help you out.” (1year manufacturer warranty)

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    WKP-P Installation

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    WKP-P Programming and Overview

    Programming WKP-P with 433 MHz Module

    Simple Programming for the WKP-P Keypad

    Manual: WKP PGeneric
    Manual: 433%20WKP%20v2
    QB ID: WKP-P

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