Nice/Apollo 1050 Gate Opener Smart Control Board - 1050 U.S. Board

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A giant leap forward in gate opener technology! The Nice/Apollo 1050 control board is built to make your life easier, at least when it comes to worry free driveway gate access. This control board can be used with the following gate openers:
  • Apollo 1550
  • Apollo 1650
  • Apollo 3500
  • Apollo 3600
  • Apollo NT-T5
  • Apollo NT-T7
  • NT-M12ETL
  • NT-H12ETL
  • Apollo 7200
  • Apollo 7300
Why add this board to your Apollo order?
This board has some amazing features. It has a built in multi-meter to tell you your battery voltage, transformer voltage, and amperage pull of your motors for diagnostics. It has full range of speed adjustment to control how fast the motors open, close, and soft stop. It is a DIY friendly board that won’t allow you to make mistakes such as reversing polarity - it simply indicates with a red light your polarity is wrong and you can then correct it. The board has clear markings for all the terminals and the settings are all done digitally by display with actual words to indicate what function you are performing, not just codes and numbers.
At we are committed to providing easy to understand content to eliminate confusion when purchasing a product. We cut through the version confusion to help you find the correct replacement part for your needs. Since we, like most other suppliers, do NOT allow for returns of electronic parts, we go the extra step to to make sure you get the correct product for your project. The parts we sell are designed to work with all gate openers of the specific generation. CAUTION: Not all boards & parts sold online are 100% compatible even if they are the same generation, whereas our are GUARANTEED to be compatible with all versions of the indicated generation.

**US version must be used with monitored photo eyes.

  • Inputs for solar panel and batteries
  • Low power consumption in stand-by mode
  • Built-in regulator to keep the battery charged (either thru solar or main power)
  • Socket for plug-in Nice receivers (SMXI/A series)
  • Board compatible with Nice Opera System (facilitates programming and diagnostic’s away from the site of installation)
  • Easy programming with LCD display and dedicated buttons
  • Digital programming for auto-close, force, speed, opening delay
  • On board buttons for operating the gate (Open, Close, Stop)
  • Built-in voltmeter to check input voltage, battery voltage, solar panel voltage, motors’ current
  • Temperature sensor to optimize charging battery and system performance
  • Programmable service alarm
  • 2 Programmable timers (from 1 sec to 9 hours)
  • Inputs for guard station, additional third party receivers, loop detectors, FIRE and UL/Edge signals
  • 2 programmable inputs (open, close, step, mid-position, hold to open, hold to close, activating timer)
  • Surge suppression on every peripheral input (digital and analog)
  • Ports for self-powered Nice plug-in peripherals. (BlueBus)

Apollo NICE gate opener control board manual, please click here to download

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Manual: apollo1050 d_i_y package guide
Manual: apollo1050 siren pushbutton
QB ID: 1050US

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