Estate Swing Gate Openers, Accessories and Parts is the only company that makes an Estate Swing opener truly DIY

Estate Swing Warranty

Estate Swing is the only brand that we carry that gives its retailers the leeway to process the warranties with the manufacturer only being remotely involved through pictures and phone. All other manufacturers have to be involved in direct contact with the troubleshooting and must have the product returned to them prior to warranty fulfillment. This has been a highly sought after convenience and allows the renowned support team to truly shine.

Special Applications

The Estate Swing brand was created to bring DIY solutions to gates that previously had no solutions from the other brands on the market. Estate Swing offers 24V direct power systems, while all other DIY openers require a battery which can pose problems in the cold or with heavily used gates. Estate Swing offers solar openers with a virtually non-existent sleep draw and a large metal box for over-sized deep cycle batteries. Estate Swing offers gate openers for mounting on a concrete column instead of a steel post. Estate Swing is the only solution for the DIY customer to automate like a pro!