Apollo 7200ETL Dual Slide Opener w/ Free DIY Kit (7200 Apollo) - W/ AC

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  •    Gate Opener At a Glance Top of Page
    The Apollo 7200ETL Single Slide Opener is designed for residential gates. Recommended for Residential, Farm and Ranch, and Light Commercial applications.
    • Gate Materials:Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Chain Link, and others.
    • Weight and length: Up to 25' in length and 800 lbs
    • Mounting Options: Post mount
    • Power: 12 volt deep cycle marine battery - 105amp./hour (Not supplied) In the event of electrical power outage or significantly overcast days, a fully charged deep cycle marine battery will provide up to 300 cycles or 30 days usage on a basic system before requiring a recharge.
    • Power Wire Specification: 16 gauge wire (purchased separately) with 1,000 foot max length from transformer to control board.
    • Solar Compatible: Yes, Browse our solar panels (purchased separately).
    • Operating Temperature: - 4° to 122°F
    • Warranty: 2-year manufacturer control board/ 2-year component manufacturer warranty.
    • For this board to function a UL 325 photo eye safety device must also be attached to the board and used in the operator system.
    • (Click Here for Warranty Pros and Cons)
    GateCrafters.com offers more expert assistance than anyone. If you need help deciding if this gate opener has the abilities that are right for your gate we have live application specialists available 9am - 9 pm EST 7 days a week or try our exclusive gate opener recommendation tool 24 hours/day.

       Gate Opener Description Top of Page
    The Apollo 7200ETL Dual Slide Openers can be used in most residential cantilever or track applications including automating gates made of steel, aluminum, wood, and chain link, along with many other gate types. The operators work on a chain driven system, 25ft of #40 roller chain is included. The entire openers can be post mounted by utilizing the post mounting ears on all four corners of the unit, thus eliminating the need for painstaking pad mounting.

    The Apollo 72000ETL Dual Slide Openers are low voltage systems, eliminating the need to run 110 AC to your gate. Simply run 14-gauge low voltage to a household outlet within 1000' of the operators or use a Gate Crafters solar panel. The openers are housed within two NEMA 3R boxes. While it contains both the operator and the control board, it still leaves ample space for a larger battery. A larger battery means more cycles during a time of power outages or low sunlight (if solar is being used). A fully charged deep cycle marine battery will provide up to 300 cycles or an average of 30 days usage on a basic system before requiring a recharge (Battery not included). Each cycle is a full open and close and takes approximately 1 foot per second each direction.

    The 7200ETL Dual Slide Openers can be used in conjunction with exit sensors, magnetic and solenoid locks, safety sensors, intercoms, digital keypads, solar panels and much more.

    GateCrafters.com is the DIY factor. GateCrafters.com further adds to most of our gate openers for easier DIY installation. We have developed exclusive components (example: easy adjustable mounting brackets), customized instructions, and offer a full spectrum of accessories to truly cover all aspects of the installation of your gate opener. In addition we have the largest staff of factory trained technicians in the US.

       Gate Opener Features Top of Page

    • Closing Timer - Set your gate to close between 20 and 100 seconds after reaching the full open position or turn this option off to leave it open until an entry device actives motion.
    • Learn Mode - An intelligent learning process makes the set up a breeze. The 800 series control board inherently learns the limits and requirements of your gate.
    • Self-Adjusting Auto Reverse Sensitivity - After deciding how sensitive you want your gate to be to obstructions, the 800 series control board learns the effecting surrounds to help prevent misreads of obstructions. i.e. gate weight, balance, ease of motion, etc.
    • 12 Volt Output Terminals - Convenient for accessories requiring power. i.e. keypads, lights, locks, sensors, etc.
    • NEMA 3R Housing - NEMA 3R galvanized boxes are rated for outdoor use and are resistant to high winds, sand, dust, rain, snow, sleet, and freezing water; protecting your valuable control board from the elements and your battery from corrosion.

    GateCrafters.com has the resources you need. How do you use your gate opener system once you get it? GateCrafters.com is the only retailer to give a real answer to this question. We have develop videos for installing many of our gate openers and products and write DIY focused manuals for most gate openers and have individual instructions for each accessory to be installed with each gate opener.

       Included with Gate Opener from Manufacturer Top of Page
    • Slide Gate Operator
    • 1 1/2 Amp Hour Battery Charger
    • 35' #40 Roller Chain
    • NEMA 3R box
    • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Safety Standard UL 325 approved
    Parts Included
       Gate Crafters.com Exclusive Product & DIY Additions Top of Page
  • NOTE: Apollo does not supply remotes with their gate opener, we supply these free when you buy from GateCrafters.com.

    2 Free Estate Swing 433 remotes - featuring the most consistant 300+ foot range in the industry.

    Estate Swing 2 channel receiver - Use one channel to operate your Apollo gate opener, the second channel can be used for many other purposes, please see receiver description for ideas.

  • Low Voltage Charging Controller and Transformer, note: charge board and transformer look may differ from shown below
  • 2 Free Steel Mounting Posts
  • 360 degree accessories - we can take you through exit, entry, safety, power, and all other minute details to create a fully rounded kit.
  • Free 24/7/365 Installation Support
  • Free 7 day/week Technical Support
  • Largest Number of Certified Techs in America
  • Free assistance to find the right gate opener for your gate
  • Free systems design assistance to match the right accessories to fit your needs.
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Free shipping on all accessories purchased with a gate opener
  • We stock all replacement parts
  • Many brands of many types of accessories, enough to handle just about any operational situation you can imagine
  • GateCrafters.com has actual experience. We have a testing area, we have factory and internal training courses, we build gates and have our own gates that are automated, we attended all industry trade shows in multiple countries and are a member of the AFA, and we pay visits to our chosen manufacturers' factories. All these factors are what have lead to us having so many exclusive additions. When you see and actually use as many products as we have you tend to have many ideas for minor changes that have major impacts. We acted on these ideas and have utilized them to help thousands of customers automate their gates.
       Tools & Supplies for Installation Top of Page

    The following tools and supplies are suggested in the manufacturer manual for optimal installation. They are not provided by GateCrafters, however, most tools are available at local hardware stores for purchase or rental.

    • Please refer to manual for Tools Needed.

    Depending on the type of gate, power supply and contributing environmental factors additional tools or supplies may be needed. Please review the product manual associated with this gate opener model for further details.
       Words from Senior Application Engineer, Anthony Gaeto Top of Page
    Anthony Gaeto Application Engineer "Texas is known to have some of the toughest conditions for a slide operator. Some areas have high wind and sand storms, while others get hit with heavy rain. The people at Apollo know this because they live there and they have designed this operator to be effective in their own backyard. And you know if it can stand up there, it can stand up just about anywhere.

    The 7200ETL Single Slide Opener is designed for home, ranch or light industrial use. It is economically priced and built to last. With and opening capability of 25' most driveways are covered, even ones made to be accessible to tracker trailers. The operator is ready to be post mounted, taking away the try process of creating a pad mount. Pad mounts can be difficult to make correctly. The entire unit is housed inside a NEMA 3R box. NEMA 3R boxes are well known for being the ultimate in weather protection. They stand up to most anything nature can dish out; winds, sands, ice and snow are no match for a NEMA 3R box.

    The real highlight of this opener is in its control board. It features Apollo's new 800 series control board. The 800 series is intelligent, easy to use and a leap above many other comparable control boards. Among the many advantages of the 800 series board is the self-adjustment to natural factors. All UL 325 approved boards have an adjustable inherent obstruction sensor. The 800 board takes it further by self-learning what natural obstructions already exist. For example, if your gate is heavy but you want the obstruction sensor to be very sensitive to avoid damage or injury the 800 series board will automatically learn changes in the momentum caused by the weight of the gate and differentiate them from an actual obstacle.

    GateCrafters.com is dedicated to getting the right gate opener for your gate. As more gate openers are being made economically feasible and easy to maintain, the selection is going to grow ever wider. That's where GateCrafters.com comes in. We have extensive amounts of educational material on our website to help you become an informed consumer. We also have our factory-trained representatives standing by to answer all your gate and gate opener questions. The combination of our customers passion for home improvement and GateCrafters.com's wealth of knowledge is a perfect match and cannot be duplicated."

       Factory Visit Updates Top of Page
    Gate Crafters has a strong relationship with Apollo. Located in San Antonio, TX and well known for their solar powered operators, Apollo has been established since 1984. The Gate Crafters team most recently met up with Apollo at Fence Tech 2010.
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    Multimeter Be the first to submit a photo of the Apollo 7200ETL. All submissions receive a FREE Multimeter.
    Email them to customerphotos@gatecrafters.com.

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    Be the first to write a testimonial for this product. Please send them to Testimonials@GateCrafters.com.
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    PDF Manual Apollo 1050 D.I.Y. Package Guide

    PDF Manual Apollo 835 D.I.Y. Package Guide

    How to Trench Under Your Driveway to Install Wires

    Manual: 7200ETL Manual
    QB ID: 7200Dual 433Pkg

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